A Success Strategy For STEEM That Isn’t Very Popular

I spend a good chunk of my day working with newer Steemians that are coming to the blockchain for the first time. And whether we like it or not, they still see things like this….


steem trending

steem trending

Huge rewards to some Steemians that are creating content!

Yup, the brand of Steem for people outside of the blockchain space is still ‘get paid to be social‘. And while there is lots of development taking place to bring awareness to the massive potential here, it’s a reputation we have.

So when these new Steemians come on board and join @SteemSavvy , the first thing I try to do is to lower their expectations. Meaning, don’t expect a $200 post payout anytime soon!

Instead I focus on this simple truth….

If you show up everyday, for the long run, you will see success.

One of my favorite authors Jon Gordon once stated;

“When people ask me how long it takes to become an overnight success…I tell them 10 years!”

And while I don’t think it’ll be a full decade before we see the potential of STEEM fully realized…We need to adopt the ‘slow and steady’ mentality.

This isn’t sexy!

It’s not what a lot of people new to the crypto space want to hear…Let’s be honest….All they want to know is….When Lambo!!!!!!????

But let’s take a step back and look at the history books from some of the most successful people and companies in history and see if we see a pattern…

Starbucks, the popular coffee shop didn’t open their 5th store until 13 years after they started as a company…

Wal Mart, the retail giant didn’t open store #2 until 7 years after Sam Walton started the company…

John Wooden, the leadership expert and greatest college basketball coach in history didn’t win his first NCAA title until 20 years after he began coaching…

Why am I showing you this?

Because if we want to become a success not only on STEEM but anything in life…You need to be stubborn about success!

That means showing up everyday. Even when you don’t feel like it.

It means creating content or engaging with your fellow Steemians…Every. Single. Day!

Again…This is not sexy. This isn’t what the majority of people want to hear when they learn ‘they can make money here‘…You see it everyday, people obsessed with what the price of STEEM is. Asking when the next bull run will take place. Doing everything they can to attract an upvote from a whale…

The real wealth is in the journey!

It’s in the people you meet and the relationships you build. Last night @RichardTaylor @PixiePost and myself were hanging out in a live stream on @Vimm and we discussed this point…

Now is the time to build not only your Steem Power but also your relationships. And this doesn’t and shouldn’t translate into instant success…People need to get that idea of making a killing off of Steem out of their minds….Right now 😉

The goal each and everyday should be to grow our relationships and network…And to quote the famous Ralph Waldo Emerson…

“Adopt the pace of nature…Her secret is patience!”

Show up everyday, add value and enjoy the journey…It’s going to be a great future here on STEEM!


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