A Tip For Setting Goals In 2020

It’s that time of the year again…

Time for everyone to make promises to themselves that they will break only a few weeks into the new year…

The new decade for that matter!

I do things a little different at the beginning of each ‘new year’. And they are most definitely not resolutions. I set goals for myself, and have developed a neat little system that actually makes me accountable for reaching the goals I write down for January 1st.

I’ve been using this technique for about a decade now, and I can honestly report that since I’ve ‘written down my goals’ each year, I’ve achieved about 80% of them. But I’m going to go over exactly how I set my goals for the new year and break down why this has worked out so well for me…

Let’s get started!

First, I write down 3 goals I wish to achieve in different areas of my life. For this example, I’ll share with you my vision for what I what to accomplish on Steem. But you can use this for everything. I tend to break my goals down into 3 categories every year.

Business, Family, & Spirituality.

Each one of these areas in my life, are important to me so I do this exercise for each…

Here’s what I wrote down for my business / Steem journey for 2020;


Let’s break each goal down…

1. I want to hit 50,000 Steem Power before December 31st 2020. Now this might seem like a lofty goal, but here’s a real world example of how much you can achieve when you put your mind to something.

I did this exercise for my 5-500-5000 formula when I had the goal to reach 5k Steem Power. I wrote this goal down in the first few days of 2018. And I hit 5k Steem Power later that year, way before my self imposed deadline. Writing stuff down works! And we’ll go over that in a second…

2. I wish to raise massive awareness for not only the CTP Token but also the amazing tribe and community that has been developing here on Steem. I believe that the power is in the people here on the blockchain, so I will make big strides in 2020 to keep highlighting this amazing community and the people in it.

Let’s be honest, CTP has flown under the radar here on Steem and not many outside of the tribe itself talk about it. Tht’s my fault and I will do a much better job at promoting it in 2020.

3. Continue with my mission to bridge the gap between affiliate marketing and blockchain technology like Steem. This is a no brainer. I’ve dedicated 2019 to this mission and we aren’t stopping now. With the launch of the CTP Token IPN as well as many other initiatives we have planned, we will be promoting Steem and CTP to the affiliate marketing community every day of the new year!

So those are the goals…

Sounds great but how do we work towards reaching them…

This is the power of wriitng these goals down and not just sticking them on some loose piece of paper that will get lost in a matter of days. Write these goals down..Everywhere!

In your journal, on your whiteboard, on sticky notes….So that you see them every single day.

And here’s what happens…

In some weird way, your mind starts ‘acting‘ on those goals daily.

– I start ‘buying and powering up‘ more Steem.

– Maybe in a few weeks I create a campaign to promote the members of the CTP Tribe.

– Perhaps I also start talking to my network outside of the blockchain space to integrate the CTP Token IPN into their business.

The trick is that the more I see these goals in front of me everyday, I start developing daily tasks and habits that help me reach them.

Maybe it’s all pseudo-science…I just know it works. As I’m living proof of it.

Did you notice the trick?

These are not ‘insane’ goals that are far fetched and out of reach!

These are ACHIEVABLE goals and while they are not as easy as 1,2,3…They CAN be reached!

So I encourage you this week…Stop making resolutions. That you will more than likely give up on in a few weeks from now…

Because most resolutions are often more than we can chew. We want all the results, without putting in the work.

Writing down your 3 goals and keeping them in front of you keeps you accountable.

And that’s the trick to achieving anything in life…Small bites, every day, starts adding up!



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