A Tip Of The Hat To @NathanMars & The Entire #Seven77 Movement

You hear a lot of complaining on the blockchain….

We don’t have enough marketing.

There is no one as the face of STEEM.

Steemit Inc is to blame!!

Why are we not a top 20 coin?

Yup…I mean if you search, you’ll find everything wrong with STEEM. You’ll find ninja mining. You’ll find shady beginnings. And I’m sure if you read the crypto experts letting you know how bad STEEM is….

But then you dig a little deeper.

You start to discover entire movements within the community. Which start off as an idea and then blossom into something much much bigger.

What started about 3 months ago has taken a life of it’s own and I’m talking about the #Seven77 movement.

This is the brainchild of two Steemians @freecrypto and of course, the man who needs no introduction @NathanMars

The idea started out with a few goals…To get STEEM to $7.77, to raise awareness for the blockchain and get people ACTIVE, doing a variety of physical activities…From push ups to brushing your teeth…I kid you not!

All with no fancy marketing campaigns. No hype and hoopla….It used the PEOPLE. The community of STEEM and wow, what a movement it’s become.

I frequent a lot of the chats around the blockchain and it seems, after all the good that #Seven77 has done, there are still people that throw it under the bus. They claim it doesn’t help STEEM at all, and it’s just noise…

To that I say….I love the noise!

You need ‘noise’ in a very noisy world. And you need to showcase the people of the blockchain. The actual users of it and the impact it’s having on their lives. You see, STEEM isn’t like any other project out there. There is no hype behind it, there is just real people and real development…We are using it each and every day and that counts for something, even if CoinMarketCap doesn’t show it

So that’s why I salute guys like @NathanMars so much. He’s about people. And he believes in the value of people over anything else. Since he’s come to STEEM, I haven’t met a dude more focused on the people…Not the technology, not the potential of everything that’s awesome about STEEM on the backend…He shows up, and works with the community everyday.

A true champion of the blockchain.

And since I have been busting my tail with projects like @SteemSavvy , he’s been supporting me the most. I’m forever grateful for everything he has done to raise awareness of my project because I think he knows…I feel exactly like he does…

Without PEOPLE…This stuff doesn’t matter.

I would urge you…Stop looking at the price of STEEM. Remember, that should not be our judge of how valuable STEEM is.

The value is the communities that are being built….

It’s the PEOPLE that are driving this. No matter what the experts will tell you…!

Another recommendation…. Get involved with #Seven77 and Nathan’s PushBook initiative!

See the community taking part in it and engage with them. Support each other and be a part of something much bigger than the price of STEEM. Be a part of real change….And real opportunity!

Wanna get involved?

Obviously you should follow @NathanMars

But also check out some amazing Steemians like @Dmilliz @CaptainBob @hafizullah These guys are crushing it when it comes to their daily #Seven77 activities….Reminds me I need to jump back on the horse LOL


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