A Trick To Not Losing Your Mind As An Entrepreneur…

I announced this a few days ago that I’ll be re-launching my website on July 25th. It’s a pretty big deal for me, on many fronts…

One, it’s a re-birth of sorts. I’m building something I believe in and I feel I am exactly where I am supposed to be. But also, I’m introducing my members to blockchain technology but more importantly….The STEEM blockchain!

I’ve spent the past 21 months or so, learning how this place works. Invested tens of thousands of dollars into my journey and I am confident that my members will add a ton of value to Steem. But also it will add massive value to them. I love this place and I know they will too 😉

So this rebuilding has been going on for months now….

People that know my story, know that after 17 years of being in business with PayPal, decided to shut my account down without cause. It’s not a unique story unfortunately, as thousands of others within the affiliate marketing world were hurt as well.

It was a blessing though!

Because without PayPal making me rebuild my entire life, I don’t think I would have discovered STEEM when I did…

Anyways, it’s been an adventure so far 🙂

And something I tend to do when I learn new things…Or try to learn new things…Is go all in!

I learn by doing like most people. When I started learning more about video production from the guys @ddaily and watching the legendary @CaptainBob , I began using software and tools I would have never dreamed of a few years ago….Mostly because I wanted to become better at doing videos! So I went all in….

When I needed to learn how to develop a better understanding of this blockchain, I took it upon myself to dig deep…Including a trip to Poland for Steemfest 3. I wanted to surround myself with a lot smarter people than I am, because that’s how you learn…If you are the smartest person in the room, find a new room! Again…I went all in…

But getting closer to the relaunch of my website, I started to feel drained….

I was creating graphics, learning how to use some new software to create some videos, drafting ad copy and hosting weekly seminars with my members….Going all in AGAIN….

But it’s crunch time!

I literally have 5 days to go before this site launches….

The ‘do it all’ entrepreneur in me keeps saying…Push harder!

The ‘semi-smart’ entrepreneur in me is saying….


When you learn that word and how effective it can be to your business, you’ll start using it more.

My situation was this…

Sure I was learning this new software to create a sales page video…I was getting comfortable at it, and it was looking half decent…

But then I remembered this video I had created for @SteemSavvy

What am I doing????

For literally, the price of a pizza dinner…I could get a PROFESSIONAL build me a video that would be light years better than anything I could ever build.

Not only that, it would save me about 2-3 days of pounding my head against my computer…..

That’s delegation!

Investing in tasks that you can get done while you focus on things that you excel at.

For me…It’s not designing sale page videos…

It’s creating content, ad copy, drafting emails and hanging out with my members….!

Lesson learned!

When it comes to delegating tasks in your business, do yourself a favor and stop trying to be a jack of all trades.

Look, I know how it is…I wanna learn it all, do it all and master it all….

But that just isn’t possible. And you will become much more effective as an entrepreneur when you learn to let go….And delegate to others, the tasks you MIGHT not be that great at!

I’m trying learning this business stuff, even if I’ve been doing it for 20 years….

Delegating tasks could have saved me at least a year or two of pounding my head against the computer 😉


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