A Word About The Plus 1 Of Sleep

Plus 1 sleep

“What has sleep got to do with Plus 1?” you may ask.

Well the rather surprising answer is: “Absolutely everything.”

This is one area where the traditional Plus 1 approach does not work.

For example you can’t say: “I got eight hours sleep last night so I will make do with seven/increase it to nine tonight.”

With sleep Plus 1 means always getting enough to function as best you can the next day…and for an average adult this means around eight hours a night.

Sleep is important and there is a direct link between sleep levels and performance levels. If you don’t get enough then you will not be able to get as much done the next day as you would if you were well rested.

Here is one reason why we need to sleep…during the day the brain activity we need to function produces toxins which need to be flushed out of the brain on a regular basis.

In just the same way that we need to close a program on our computer before installing a software update to it, then we need to shut down much of our brain activity to flush away these toxins and that is exactly what happens when you sleep.

So the Plus 1 for sleep is to always ensure that you get enough to function properly the next day.

3 thoughts to “A Word About The Plus 1 Of Sleep”

  1. Hi Patrick thanks for the information on the toxins in the brain. I always make sure I get enough rest and sleep or I don’t do well at all. I also need exercise to function well during the day and it helps me sleep better at night, too.

  2. An important reminder Patrick of the value of sleep. As someone that had children late in life, I really value my sleep and after almost 18 months of not having it, I am now enjoying a full 8 hours nearly every night. It makes you function so much better during the day, you can be more productive and don’t make those silly mistakes that you make when you are exhausted. For me now its shut down computer at 9pm and asleep by 10pm. Kids wake early so I’m up a 6am usually.

  3. Patrick, I am so glad to see this topic brought up! You are correct about the flushing/detoxing of your brain. This was a fairly recent study that discovered this… We all are on a life clock. In the morning, more heart attacks than any other part of the day. In the night, your liver is processing between 10pm and 3am. So if you wake up during the middle of the night your body is telling you something. This is all part of your circadian rhythm. You need to make sure your nutrition is delivered when it is needed. There is so much to this topic and I only know what I have learned from our Chief Formulator. His team reviews over 2,500 independent medical studies a month… Now back to sleep… the best analogy I was give is similar to yours… If you are technical in nature you will even understand this more! 🙂 Lack of sleep would be like your Hard Drive getting fragmented overtime… Sleep is the process in which the files are stored away and sorted.
    Thank you for your post!
    Have a blessed weekend…

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