A Year Ago…I Changed Everything About My Crypto Journey

This morning I went out for my daily walk while trying to build in some healthy habits into my life. Thanks for the #Seven77 movement and applications like @Actifit I’ve been more fired up than ever to…Change my lifestyle.

And on my walk…Of course…I was scrolling through @Partiko and found this brilliant article by @meno

He called out the fake experts in the crypto world and it reminded me of a moment I had about this time last year….

Quick backstory…I joined STEEM at the height of the crypto boom of 2017. And when I got on board, I only talked about crypto, my ‘portfolio’ and all the things I’ve been learning while on my new journey…

And this term kept popping up…


For those you unfamiliar with crypto slang, it was a typo made my someone in a bitcoin forum years ago…When asked if people should sell bitcoin, the forum member tried to type ‘HOLD’ as in hold your bitcoin for the long term….He made a typo and wrote ‘HODL’…And there you have it.

Because of my new found love of all things crypto back in 2017 and early 2018, I decided to create a ‘HODL challenge‘ where @RichardTaylor and myself would buy 5 coins or tokens at the beginning of each month. And hold the crypto for 30 days and whichever performed the best in the markets…We would keep for a year. 12 coins/tokens, held for an entire year…

Brilliant plan right?

Well, I had amassed a massive portfolio of every POOP coin imaginable….Most of them still don’t have a working product but I was hooked. Because in the back of mind I kept asking myself…Which one of these will become the NEXT bitcoin????

Oh the possibilities….

Oh the lack of focus more like it!

So I began to change my focus. At the beginning of April I decided to stick to one coin for the ‘HODL challenge’ and that was…


You guessed it.

But I even went a step further…

I started to sell all my ‘poop coins’ and put the profits (or loses in many cases lol) into STEEM. Back then STEEM was trading around $4 at the end of April, so it took a little bit more than it does today to stack them up. But this voice kept asking me…

Can you understand STEEM?

Do you use it every day?

Is there a future for this kind of technology?

Each answer to those questions was a resounding YES!

So I changed my tactics and while the HODL challenge continued on for a few more months…I was focused on one project!


And it wasn’t because of any expert telling me it was a sure bet…In fact, STEEM is still one of the most disrespected and undervalued crypto on any blockchain. It most definitely wasn’t because of some technical analysis I read. And it wasn’t because Alt Coin Buzz was doing features on it…

Nope, it was because I UNDERSTOOD the practical and real world use case for it.

I saw the community. The dApps being built. The excitement for it’s potential…

I saw something that is going to change the world.

That being said…This is not financial advice. And I implore you to do your own due diligence. Research this stuff and use your gut as the best judge of any opportunity…

The experts usually have an agenda, as we all do. So take their advice with a grain of salt…But most importantly in 2019…Ask yourself…

Can we actually USE the stuff now!

That is all the evidence I needed to get hooked on this blockchain and dedicated my life to it 🙂


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