“To Be Better At Sunset Than You Were At Sunrise!”

That’s our mission…

Plus 1 Daily is a vision! It’s a game plan! It’s a community!

We created this blog in the summer of 2015 but the history is much deeper than that. It started out in 2009 when my business partner Tim Linden and I stated ‘hanging out’ with our customers. Every single day, we’d jump on camera and we’d talk shop…Business, like, success, failures, and everything in between.

Since then, we haven’t missed a beat and every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4pm eastern I jump on camera and discuss the in’s ad out’s of online business with the best community online.

But it doesn’t end there…

The Plus 1 Brand is about getting better, each and every day.

Pushing yourself to do a little bit more than you did the previous 24 hours. It’s become a journey that every single person in the community has embraced for their life and business.

We also published a 30 day step by step guide on how to ‘Plus 1‘ and you can download a copy for free right now and see what it means to ‘Plus 1’…

This is a community based blog and we welcome your feedback and encourage you to make yourself known. You are in great company, and are sure to meet the most focused and like minded people online….All that’s missing is you!

My name is Jon Olson and I can’t wait to welcome you to the family!

Quick fun facts about Jon:

– He’s married to the most beautiful woman in the world and is blessed with a son that’s just as witty as he is. And as of July 2017, father of a second son!

– He’s a fan of the Buffalo Bills (so do feel sorry for him…)

– He’s been working online since the late 1990’s

– He likes to read…A lot! Check out the Book Review section for some great recommendations!

– He is life long student of personal development!

– He’s the co-founder and co-owner of the popular websites RocketResponder.com, Trck.me, ClickTrackProfit.com and ListViral.com.

– He loves God! He loves life! He loves entrepreneurship! He loves the journey!

Have any questions? Be sure to connect with me on Twitter and Facebook!

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