The ACA’s Of Squeeze Page Design [VIDEO]

The Squeeze Page! It’s had a lot of different names over the years…From splash pages, to landing pages, lead capture pages and finally squeeze pages, the main objective of these quick, to the point websites are to grab an email address and build your list.

The problem facing most advertisers when it comes to squeeze pages is that they over complicate it or put little thought into WHAT should be on the pages in the first place.

I came up with a little acronym / formula for what I think should be included within a great squeeze page. In fact, I’ve built lists of tens of thousands of subscribers using this stupid simple formula and I want to share it with you now…It’s called the ACA’s of Squeeze Page design.

Attention – We live in a world of 140 characters or less. We are bombarded with ad after ad and marketing message after marketing message. YouNEED to grab people’s attention and realize you only have a few seconds to do it. So I use live video and or professional white board videos in all my squeeze pages. I try to grab the viewers attention first by showing passion and excitement in my voice and body language which hopefully gets people to keep watching be through the video presentation. It’s not always a given, but the more passion and excitement you show, the greater chance you have to capture someone’s attention.

Curiosity – Using the video again, I then describe some reasons why people should opt-in my list on this page. I might offer them a bonus download, a free gift or some kind of lead magnet to create some curiosity for what I’m offering. I’m not trying to SELL anyone in this, I’m just trying to get them on my lists. Back end selling is a whole other topic, but right now I’m focusing on giving them a reason to opt in and get them asking themselves, what else can this guy show and teach me. The more perceived value I can give, and then follow it up with OVER THE TOP value, the better.

Action – And finally, I use the video to ask them to opt in below with the form provided. I remind them of the bonuses they will be receiving and make sure they know I’m excited to have them on board. A strong call to action is critical to any squeeze page and by using the video and opt-in form, I can pull people into my list by using both strategically.

Bonus nugget: Please don’t make the opt-in button say ‘Subscribe’, be creative….Here’s an example of what I put on my call to action buttons…

And finally, here’s the biggest nugget when it comes to squeeze page design…Keep it SIMPLE! Take a page out of the Apple playbook here and create pages that are simple, to the point and don’t over-complicate stuff. You want your viewer to know exactly what you want them to do, no fluff, no bells and whistles, just grab their attention, create some curiosity and have a strong call to action to seal the deal.

After that, comes the real work….But using the formula will increase your opt-in’s almost over night!

8 thoughts to “The ACA’s Of Squeeze Page Design [VIDEO]”

  1. You are so right Jon, and sometimes I forget to remember those points. In the end it’s really simple, sometimes you feel the need to get complicated to get there but basics always win.


  2. I try to do this with my squeeze pages. My headline My video and I usually put my optin form to the
    right of my video. What I need to do is figure out something I can Give Away

    1. Scott – try things like Plus 1 Success, Loyalty Handbook, Pizza Plan, List Viral packages….Or even better, create your own ebook 😉

  3. Love it Jon… I’ve seen your ACA presentation many times over the years and it’s something I always keep in mind when creating squeeze pages for our programs. Everyone needs to see this!

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