Accepting Last Minute Changes


Humans and cats love to get comfortable.

If you have ever watched a cat settling down for a nap, then she will quite often turn around in circles, padding and kneading the surface she will sleep on to get it just right before settling down.

Getting comfortable feels good but it is not always a good thing.

Recently I was on a plane when, after we landed, the taxi to the terminal twisted and turned and seemed to take forever.

What had happened was the wind had changed speed and direction in the final stages of the flight and air traffic controllers had changed the runway to the one furthest from the terminal.

Pilots prepare for this every single flight. They know that they can expect to land on a particular runway but that this can change at the last moment.

There is no time to get comfortable as reacting to last minute changes may mean the difference between life and death.

Take offs and landings are the times that the pilots are constantly asking themselves “What if…?” so that they know that should an unusual occurrence take place that they can react appropriately.

In our lives we must also adopt the “What if…?” attitude to ensure that we stay on top of our game and always be prepared to adapt to last minute changes which interrupt our comfort when they happen.

Some questions we might ask include:

  • what if the market changes?
  • what if I lose my best customers?
  • what if the competition increases?
  • what if my circumstances change?
  • what if I want to expand?

The Plus 1…never get too comfortable.

One thought to “Accepting Last Minute Changes”

  1. Hi Patrick that is very interesting what the pilots need to do in certain circumstances when flying or taxiing on the field in case of sudden wind changes and emergencies. They cannot ever get comfortable when flying a plane just as in this business one can never sit back and be comfortable. We need to be on our toes and ready to endure new conflicts that may arise to stay afloat. It’s not easy and it takes a team to work on this. I don’t recommend working completely alone. This is a tough business that needs more that one mind to do some serious thinking, guiding, so as to come up with new innovative ideas. If you notice, jet pilots do not fly by themselves. There is more than one pilot in the cockpit of a plane to get the job done. Have a nice day! 🙂

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