My Addiction To Reading & Reasons To Keep Feeding It

I have an addiction! I admit it. It all started in about 2002 when I picked up this book and started….Reading!


The book was the 22 Immutable Laws of Branding by Al and Laura Ries. And it started me on the journey of filling my shelves with great books, to always be learning and growing through self-education. I love to read. And I wanted to share 6 reasons why you should be putting down the TV remote control and picking up book;

1. Problem Solving & Creative Thinking – You get to look at things through the eyes of the author and that can really help you get unstuck. Sometimes we get analysis paralysis and can’t see a simple solution that might be right in front of our face…An author can help us not only see how to get unstuck, but also how to think creatively to change our business.

2. Be Mentored – We all know we need a mentor, however sometimes the price of hiring an expert can be out of range for most budding entrepreneurs. Perhaps the expert does not have the time to dedicate to you, but they do have their thoughts on paper in the form of a book. Reading books allows you to be mentored by the biggest names and most successful thought leaders in your industry or niche…For the price of pizza dinner!

3. Increases Knowledge – This is a no brainer. Obviously, the more we read, the more knowledge we acquire. So I made the decision in 2002, to fill my mind with as much knowledge as I could when it came to my industry and career. I could not learn enough, as there are millions of books to choose from. So yup, it’s pretty obvious, the more you read the more you learn!

4. Personal Growth – The whole DNA of Plus 1 Daily is to be better at sunset than you were at sunrise. To grow everyday and to get better than you were the day before. That’s what reading helps you do. We each have 1440 minutes in the day, how we choose to use those 1440 minutes is up to each of us. I choose to spend a bulk of those minutes reading a good book!

5. $30 Investment = Unlimited Returns – True story. I have read books over the past few years that have taken one idea and transformed it into tens of thousands of dollars in revenue. All from a small $30 investment at the local bookstore. You never know what kind of ‘ah ha moment‘ you will have by reading. I know this to be fact, the more you read the more ideas start popping up in your mind. Who knows what that next idea might be worth….

6. Inspiration Leads To Motivation
– Last night, I was reading a book that literally stopped me in my tracks. I grabbed my journal and wrote down the idea which the book inspired within me. I woke up and started putting the pieces in place for that idea. The inspiration came from the author’s words, but the motivation came from within. This is the power of reading more books! You can be inspired at anytime and then become motivated to change your life and business forever!

One thought to “My Addiction To Reading & Reasons To Keep Feeding It”

  1. Hi Jon

    Books are teachers. For a lot less money than a coach…and believe me I am paying for a coach as well, you can gather up a whole lot of wisdom to change your life. Reading is a daily practice, one of my tasks each day that pays for itself in so many ways I cannot begin to name.

    Recent books I loved
    Seth Godin The Icarus Deception . It changed my view of what an artist is.
    Austin Kleon Steal Like an Artist. Liberated content creation.
    Gary Keller The One Thing. Sharpened my ability to focus on what is most important.

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