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After 24 Hours Of Mourning, I Look Back At The Buffalo Bills Playoff Loss

We’re doing things a little different tonight…

I have been in about 24 hours of mourning since last night…And for those that don’t know, I have an addiction.

The addiction is my love and blind loyalty to a sports team in Buffalo, New York….The Bills of the NFL.

It’s been 24 hours since they essentially gave away a playoff victory to the Houston Texans and I needed that time to process it. I leave Sunday nights for my sports content and decided tonight, to ‘write’ how I feel…

buffalo bills
(Giving my kid a taste of the pain that comes with being a Buffalo Bills fan)

Over the top? Maybe…But let’s take a look back at the 2019 Buffalo Bills, the good the bad and the ugly.

Captain Obvious Point– Professional football teams should not give up 16 point leads, especially in the playoffs. So yeah, that was rough. We seemed to settle for 3 point field goals instead of 6 point touchdowns. And if you followed this team, you’d know they often ‘stopped’ scoring points around ’20’ and relied on their defence most of the season. A recipe for disaster, especially going against Deshaun Watson and DeAndre Hopkins.

But regardless of blowing the 16 point second half lead, at the end of regulation, the Bills took the game to overtime…And that’s where I start getting…Really depressed!

NFL Referee Screw Up #1 In OT – Illegal Blindside block penalty…That cost the Bills 15 yards and a field goal attempt to win the game! This was..Painful to watch. After all the crap calls throughout the season and the stuff that the refs let go…This call was simply bogus. Alas, this franchise seems to be cursed so you knew how things would go as soon as the refs called this on our rookie Cody Ford. Which led to this…

NFL Referee Screw Up # 2 In OT – Letting the play clock expire, no delay of game and letting DeShaun do, Deshaun things!

A little bit of evidence on how bad this was missed…

buffalo bills

(Via Twitter)

What are you looking at here?

You’ll notice our linebacker Matt Milano, pointing to the big fat 0 behind the players. That’s the play clock and it’s expired. So without giving the Texans a penalty, the referees allowed the play to continue and the Texans got a first down. Which led to this…

Horrible Tackling, Epic Watson Run – And that was it. After those two blown calls, the Texans marched down the field and in a play that would be described as magical…The Texans’ quarterback got sandwiched between two Bills players, bounced off them and took the ball down to the goal line. Field goal made, Bills lose….

So here’s my reaction 24 hours later…

The Buffalo Bills blew it. But got absolutely zero help from the referees. I know, I know it’s easy to blame the refs but this seems to be a recurring theme in the NFL. These games, which have been amazing this weekend, are determined by the guys in zebra shirts and not the players. And that sucks. As a sports fan and of course for the team that loses.

All in all though, I’m excited for what the Buffalo Bills have coming up in 2020…

– We have 9 draft picks in the upcoming draft.

– There is 90 million dollars of cap space available to our front office!

– The majority of our young core are returning next season.

– The New England Patriots ‘dynasty’ is over!

So ride or die, I’m a Bills fan for life. And regardless of how yesterday’s game went, there is a lot of upside for this franchise….But as Bills fans’ we’re used to disappointment LOL

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