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Aligning Your Daily Activities With Your Mission Statement

Your mission statement! That sounds like the beginning of some business plan you are putting together to go to a bank for a loan…

It’s interesting to note though, lots of personal development gurus and teachers talk about developing a personal mission statement for what you want in life and in business. And speaking from personal experience, when you draft a mission statement and it lines up with your reason why…You can achieve great things.

But let’s take it a step further…

How can we make sure our daily tasks are falling in line with that mission. Which in turn helps feed our ‘reason why’.

Here’s an example of my personal mission statement…

mission statement

I wrote this down about a year ago. I used a simple 3 X 5 index card, took about 30 minutes to soul searching and came up with this….It’s my guiding light per se.

This is placed on front of my computer monitor with a piece of scotch tape and I read it…Every. Single. Day!

Here’s how this is powerful…

Every single thing I do online. Whether it’s writing a blog post. Creating a YouTube video. Sending emails. Firing up a live stream. Advertising my businesses….

Every daily activity I do, must be cross referenced with this mission statement.

And I ask myself…

“Is this daily task that I’m doing right now, aligning with my mission statement?”

Seems almost too simple right? And I know a lot of personal development experts talk about writing out your daily goals, daily affirmations and long term game plans, but this is something that works. And I’m only recommending it because I use this technique each and every day and have for a year now.

It’s an amazing ‘guide’ to help you stay on course. It pulls you back in when you get side tracked and lose focus. but most importantly, it helps fulfil your mission!

Try it out and see for yourself, how much you will grow from this….

4 thoughts to “Aligning Your Daily Activities With Your Mission Statement”

  1. Mission Statements. I have written several over the years for the various businesses I have been involved with, but never one directly ‘for me’. I think that needs to be rectified!

    It truly is what represents the core values that guide decisions and actions. As you mentioned, it keeps you on-track as you progress, and realigns you when you stray. It defines not only the ‘why’ but the ‘who’ and ‘what’ you represent.

    Great topic, and one I hope many follow through on. 🙂

    1. Thanks RT, appreciate the comments sir.

      Yeah it really helps me a ton. I always cross reference it and make sure I’m on target 🙂

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