Am I Really Adding Value To Your Journey?

In my vlog yesterday I did a review of the book I recently read by John C. Maxwell LeaderShift…As you must know by know, I’m a huge fan of this author. I have about 20-25 of his books and have enjoyed reading each of them very much.

One of the recurring themes that surfaces in John’s books about leadership is….Adding value to people.

You don’t even need to read John’s books to hear that speech…Heck I use that sentence multiple times a week in my blogs and vlogs…

I’m like a broken record…

“I Want To Add Value To Your Journey!”

And I’m not the only one saying this…

Take a look around STEEM and you will see a thriving community of people that simply…Want to help each other grow!

It makes sense right?

We know there is massive power in community and even bigger benefits when we help others much more than we help ourselves.

So 24 hours after I finished my book review…I did some thinking. Some personal reflection if you will…And asked myself if I am truly…Adding value to you!

My ego and pride is telling me…Sure you are Jon…You do your weekly #RoadTo300SP , you’ve built SteemSavvy, plus host the Sunday Session…Heck you even upvote everyone that comments on your blog and give them @steembasicincome units to show them that you appreciate their contribution…

But is that enough?

I personally think, I can do more!

Much more in fact….

A lot of what I try to do here on STEEM is to encourage people daily and to show them the power of consistency!

I call it ‘Plus 1’ and it’s aim is for all of us to be better at sunset than we were at sunrise.

The idea is simple, the execution requires a little bit of elbow grease…

I will be working much more with my ‘Plus 1‘ brand and formula to help everyone grow even more…And I hope you join me on the journey;

the vortex of doom

This is a teaser I guess…A little hint of what’s to come….That’s what I called the ‘Internet Marketing Vortex of Doom’ and it’s a nasty little example of how we get trapped in the vortex…

Sure it’s built for ‘internet and affiliate marketing‘…But just swap ‘Opportunity‘ with STEEM and you will see….How a huge chunk of Steemians get trapped in this as well.

Get ready folks…

I’ve got so much to share in the coming week 🙂

I hope it truly adds….MASSIVE VALUE to your journey!



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