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Amazing Business Lessons From The NBA Draft

You can find inspiration anywhere! I always marvel at how I can get business lessons from observing every day life and you might laugh at where I got some ‘inspiration’ last night…

Last night was the 2017 NBA Draft. And yes, I’m a big basketball fan. It’s one of my favorite sports to watch and I’ve been a fan for as long as I can remember. One of the highlights of the off season is the draft. And we see these yound men, basically have their life transformed in front of our very eyes.

It’s pretty awesome to watch. And you can’t help but feel happiness for them. They’ve worked so hard to get to where they are and they always have a group of family and friends around them at this special moment.

The young man gets drafted and then he first embraces his mother (as you should!!) and he goes around the table hugging his friends and family. But then he comes to another individual…

His college coach.

This coach has played such a huge roll in his life. He’s taught him not only how to be a better basketball player, in many cases, he’s taught him how to become a better man. This is very powerful and to me it was a representation of what we should all strive for in business.

Whether you are a business coach yourself, or you have clients and customers that use your products or services…We should be working towards helping our customers…Grow!

Maybe it was a piece of advice you gave them, or some one on one coaching you provided…True fulfilment comes from seeing your customer or client grow and start to put the pieces together. They become a success and start to become something new…This is such an awesome experience.

Now I’m not saying YOU are the reason someone succeeds. True success is the responsibility of the individual…But what if you played a small part! We should all strive for that. I truly believe what Zig Ziglar stated so many years ago.

“When you help enough people get everything they want in life, you’ll get everything you want in life as well!”

It’s so true.

So the biggest question you can ask yourself is this…How can I help more people grow? How can I serve more people so that they become better at sunset than they were at sunrise?

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