Amazing? How Do We Get There?

Let’s make something amazing happen!

How do you create amazing?

To attempt to explain, allow me to use one of the greatest creators of amazing known . . . nature.

Have you ever been too, or seen pictures of, the Grand Canyon?  Impressive?  Amazing?  Yes?

Symphonies have been written, poems composed, people from around the world come to experience its wonders.  But to stand where it begins, can enlighten us on the sheer magnitude of what can be accomplished when once we start.

I live in Colorado, where the headwaters of the river that created ‘amazing’ began those many 1000’s of years ago.

I have stood at the base of what is left of the glacial ice pack, whose demise, started the process.  The majestic beauty of the surroundings seems to undermine the importance of what is seen.  Because there, surrounded by so much, is so little.  You see, I can easily step across the “Mighty Colorado River” as the melting snow/ice begins the journey.  It is but a trickle, less than a foot wide in spots, that shaped the world around it.

It began by finding its own path through the rough terrain.  Flowing across the soft earth, it forged the route to be followed.  The softer limestone yielded to the continuous attempts of the water to find its way, while granite and marble resisted the progress, shaping the flow.  Other small streams joined in the effort, and it slowly gained momentum.  Over time, the river formed from all the streams combined began to reshape even the strongest of elements in its way.

While progress was slow to begin, it never stopped, it never gave up due to obstacles, it overcame them.

In 1999, I looked out over the Grand Canyon and joined the millions of people that have been ‘amazed’ at what they saw.  How something with such humble beginnings could achieve what it has was . . . inspiring!  Nature, in all its splendor, has lessons waiting for all to learn.

Amazing doesn’t just happen, it has to start!

Just as the Grand Canyon began as a trickle of water, you have to ‘start’ at the beginning.

Seriously, this isn’t brain science here!  It’s taking those first small steps that lead to bigger ones.

You don’t have to design the perfect lead capture page, just write the first words KNOWING you will continue.  Take pride in the fact that you are doing something 90% of the other people are not, taking action!  That you have beaten those odds alone is . . . amazing!  See how easy this is?

Want to make a video?  You don’t need $1000’s invested in equipment, just your smartphone or computer cam.  No fancy mics, sublime backgrounds, or script.  Turn it on, stutter a bit if needed, and DON’T STOP!  Will everyone else think it is amazing?  Who cares!  You DID IT!  It is the start, that trickle, that builds over time into something bigger.

Here is the really great part – just like all those streams forming a river, once you start, other aspects come together to add to it.  You start getting subscribers on your list or YouTube that help you grow.  Soon, others are advertising FOR you, creating the flow you need to begin to overcome the obstacles.

Once the path is defined, the resistance lessens.  What you once thought insurmountable, is now your daily habit.

And then, one day, you will step back, look at what you have accomplished, and say . . . (come on, say it with me now) . . . that is AMAZING!

You can begin being amazing TODAY!

Yes, yes you can!

Just like the Colorado River, you may need help along the way.  Never be afraid to ask, fear not doing!   There are many here, myself included, willing to help remove those obstacles.

Become those headwaters, that trickle, that builds your Grand Canyon.  Take action.  I want to be one of the ones that look upon what you are doing, and BE amazed!

One more thing, the fact that you read all this is . . . amazing!  (You are already on your way!)  🙂




With Sincere Thanks

Richard Taylor

“The only limits we have are those you impose upon yourself. Remove the limits!”

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5 thoughts to “Amazing? How Do We Get There?”

    1. Thanks, Jon!

      Perfection is the enemy of doing. If you wait till you get there, it never happens.

      No matter what we think, Natures work on the Grand Canyon is still in progress. It never ends. Should something happen to destroy part of what is done, the river would only see it as a new direction, with a fresh pallet upon which to create.

      If we could adopt only a small percent of what the world around us takes for granted, imagine the possibilities we would find!


  1. This is such a good lesson for us. I know sometimes things seem insurmountable, but your example shows the true strength of taking action, consistantly. You will start to see results, small results at first, but they add up. Don’t ever quit.

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