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Are We A Few Years Too Early…?

This will be my ‘gratitude post’ of the month 🙂

But it may seem like a frustrated content creator at times, please note…I’m VERY thankful that I’m right here, right now in history!

I touched on this on the previous update @ClickTrackProfit . There was a recent blog post that got shared around the blockchain and for very good reason. It became quite the hot topic because, it was featured on (that’s a pretty big deal in some circles…lol)

In a nutshell, the author was mentioning how important it was to look at different social media sites outside the ‘standard fare’ (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)…And yup, was featured!

While I’m all for a good bit of positive Steem propaganda…What struck me was the ‘Why you should consider using it….” part!


Yeah…Smart marketers!

You know, the ones that always wanna claim they are cutting edge and ready to embrace new technology with LOADS of upside!

Truth is, I would hardly call myself ‘smart’ but I do see where this is the perfect mix between ‘social media, new technology, and huge opportunity’…That’s why I fell in love with Steem.

And why I have spent the past 20 months of my life, dedicated to this blockchain! With my hopes of bringing Steem to marketers via

Do you ever feel like…You are a bit too early to the game?

This author highlighted exactly how I feel about Steem. Potential! Marketers can share their content and grow their audience in the Steem eco-system. And what an opportunity that will be down the road…But right now, it’s a grind. . Onboarding is still issue #1 and we will be a while before everyday marketers and community managers start recommending Steem to their customers. We are super early to the game.

And that’s o.k. to be honest…Because the ‘smart marketers’ are building right now!

They see the potential and are creating a following of awesome people every day on Steem. But again, the issues of being ‘so new‘ will pop up. Onboarding, the downvotes / upvotes, bid bots, and sadly, even the price of Steem…All these are factors that I’m sure will be addressed…Because this is what happens when you are trying to build and create something new!

I’m a firm believer in Steem.

And I’m a raving fan for online / affiliate marketing.

Every ounce of my being tells me that Steem has so much potential to become THE platform of choice for affiliate marketers in ANY niche. The problem is…We might just be a bit too early before we are adopted!

However if you see the potential…

The opportunity to build your brand and your name within this community now…I think that future is going to be….Absolutely remarkable!

Don’t wait for the masses to jump on board…Get involved now!



The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing….

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