blue chip stock

Are You A Blue Chip Stock?

Strange question right?

If you go to Investopedia and do a search for ‘blue chip stock’ this is what pops up…

blue chip stock


Fancy definition but let’s break that down into simpler terms…

– It’s highly valued

– Looked at as a market leader

– Been around for years


Now what does this have to do with anything on Steemit and building your brand online??

This is a parallel I’ve used for years to describe how one should approach personal branding and building a business.

A blue chip stock is a company that has stood the test of time. It’s something people feel comfortable investing their hard earned money into because…It’ll be there tomorrow. And the next day and so on…Are you setting up your business or brand to be here in…5 years from now? Longer?

Another trait of blue chip stocks is that it delivers value for stock holders (returns, dividends, etc). So ask yourself…Can you deliver value to your customers and readers every time you press publish or send an email? If that’s how you run your business or blog daily, you are on your way for sure…

And finally a blue chip stock is looked at as a market leader…Think about these simple facts, people want to be around others who make them feel good, intrigue them, inspire them, maybe even make them a buck or two and show a deep passion for what they do.

So can you see the parallels?

If we want to be looked at, followed and even upvoted here on Steemit we should strive to become like a blue chip stock. Someone worth following because we deliver value in every post. Our readers and followers should feel good about following us because they know, we will engage with them and communicate with them every day…With the end result being to inspire them and leave a lasting impression!

Ask yourself…Would I follow and engage with….Myself?

And then go through the check list….

Am I delivering high valued content?

Am I driven to become a market leader?

And do I have a game plan to stick around for years and years….Regardless of the price of STEEM?

It’s a checklist I go over almost weekly to make sure I’m on the right path because it helps put your readers (aka stock holders) first and that’s always a good investment!

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