Are You A Steem Shill?

It’s been an eventful 48 hours or so for the blockchain…Specifically on Twitter!

We saw a rejuvenated Steem community come forward thanks to some amazing promo work done by Steemians that had one goal and one only…

Remind Binance that Steem is a pretty useful token to add to their US based exchange!

But then we started to see responses on Twitter like this…


(Big shout out to @WhatsUp for the straight forward correction lol)


In crypto circles this is meant to be a derogatory statement for someone who ‘believes’ in a blockchain projects, which they benefit from…Or according to Wikipedia…



O.K. first off, Steem ‘shills’ DO have a vested interest in talking about and promoting this blockchain. And here’s why…

We actually use this stuff!

We are a product of our products and for many of us, we have replaced traditional social media with the applications found on Steem.

The benefit to this, is of course, we receive Steem tokens from the rewards pool depending on how much value we add to the platform. Steem is unique in that way. We’re not some concept token. We’re no longer in beta. This is a cryptocurrency and blockchain that thousands use…Every day!

So can we be described as a bunch of shills?

Here’s where the traditional term ‘shill‘ in crypto came from…

Usually the ‘shill‘ got involved in some ICO with a token that had an awesome marketing plan and sexy roadmap…

It promised huge returns, a blockchain that could end war on earth and a 20-something CEO that loved the selfies…

So the ‘shill’ spent a small fortune on these tokens that promised the world but then something strange happened…

The token never really did anything…

It sat there on the markets. Sure their social media team was out in full force describing all the developments that were taking place but…

No working product.

What was the shill to do?

The only thing they could…Get on social media and create excitement for their investment!

So anytime a crypto exchange or ‘expert’ asked questions about…‘Which project are you the most excited about?’

The shills came out in full force!

“Our token is the best!” They would scream…

But still…No working product!

Fast forward to when a Steemian starts ‘shilling’ this token…

We have a working product!

There was never any ICO attached to Steem.

It’s community based and we can interact with each other without the need fo a third party centralized application…This is how we connect!

So I guess, you could lump us all together….Call us Steem shills and know that your token will eventually be released to solve world hunger…

Or hell Steem…Let’s OWN IT!

Damn right I’m ‘shilling’ Steem but I think it’s closer to what @WhatsUp described above…

You call us Shills…We call ourselves community!



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