Are You Out Of Sight & Out Of Mind?

I really enjoy reading the blogs from the people I follow on STEEM. It’s such a diverse group of people that I would have never have known if not for this blockchain. I also like to *gasp* spend time poking around the trending page…

I get it…

That’s a hot button topic here…

What is quality content?

Does it deserve 500 dollars plus in payouts?

And heaven forbid, we dive into the bid bot debates…

I understand them all, and while I don’t agree with the hate a lot of these promotional services get, it’s part of the culture here on STEEM to either be for them or against them.

Guess what…

We really can’t control the trending page unless we have a few hundred thousand in STEEM Power and downvote the content we don’t agree with.

So I tend to spend the majority of my time here on STEEM with things I can control…

And that is adding value to the best of my ability every single day!

There are a few reasons why I believe in curating and creating content daily but here’s the big one…

Out of sight…Out of mind!

Sure we could start showing up on the trending page if we had a few thousand to spend every week on promotional bots. And if we all started with a cool million Steem Power, I’m sure we’d get tons of love and attention…

But for the rest of us, we need to show up…Everyday!

And if you think about it, this is a great way to build a solid foundation for your account here on STEEM.

Everyday we should be;

– Engaging with our follows and other Steemians
– Creating content (if we have the confidence to do it)
– Curate great content we find on STEEM
– Taking part in the Discord communities
– Sharing STEEM, everywhere we go!

This is stuff we CAN control!

We cannot control the upvotes, we cannot control the trending page. But we can control what we do each and every day.

And getting back to the popular saying of ‘out of sight, out of mind’…These daily tasks just make sense.

Look at this quote I pulled from John Hall’s Top Of Mind book (one of the better books I’ve read in the past few years…)


20 seconds? Really??

And we expect to stick out in the sea of Steemians with showing up once a week? Or once a month?

It just cannot happen.

We need to build trust with our followers and if you want to get noticed by ANY one with influence on this blockchain…You have to put in the work!

Sure, we can use bots to promote the content we feel the blockchain can benefit from. And yes, going to offline events like @steemfest and @steemcreators is a HUGE plus to ones reputation here…

But nothing, and truly believe that NOTHING will help you more than showing up…Everyday!

This article will be a huge focus in the SteemSavvy training platform. We will be encouraging members to show up everyday on STEEM, using the dApps, taking part in the communities, and engaging with their fellow Steemians. We believe that the best way to grow your account here is to add value…Everyday!

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