Are You Really An Action Taker?

Plus 1

Are you really an action taker…or do you take action only when you feel like it?

The Plus 1 mentality means always moving forward by taking small but necessary actions, even when you don’t feel like it.

It is a mentality which sees you push yourself to do better than the day before – even if it is only a little better and on those days when you don’t feel like moving forward.

Taking small actions seems easy but, in truth, there will be many times that you don’t want to move forward.

These are the times when we tell ourselves that we are action takers but we are really fooling ourselves.

Plus 1 means forming a habit…a habit for your overall success.

While that does not stop you from taking a day off every now and again, the real ethos of Plus 1 is constantly moving forward.

You want to be a full time action taker rather than a dreamer who takes action only occasionally.

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