Are You Stoked Or Smoked?


adjective, Slang
exhilarated; excited

Today should be one of celebration for my business and associates.

We exceeded sales for last quarter less than 3 weeks into this one.  New processes/products are being developed/introduced which will expand the market share.  Our list(s) of people that show interest in all that we do is expanding and momentum is increasing.  The accumulation of seven-plus years of research, design, and overcoming obstacles appears to be bearing fruit.

So why aren’t we celebrating, resting upon the laurels of our past achievements?

We are too stoked about discussing the opportunities for the future!


From Rich’s Racing Days
left behind, missing full potential

There is nothing overly exciting about coming in second in a two-person race.  This I know, as I have done it numerous times!

You sit at the line, all the work done, money invested, to get the car there, watching the lights on the tree countdown.  Then, it happens!  The time to see how well you have done is here, you release the line locks and . . . sit, in a cloud of rubber and exhaust, as the other car fades into the distance.  You got smoked!

Frustrating?  Oh, you have no idea!  Makes you want to get out and just walk away.  And some do.  Or . . .

Stoked – Smoked – What’s the point?

Being frustrated or elated leads to the same place.  Opportunity.

In one, it gives you a chance to determine what went wrong, overcome it, and move ahead.  The other?  Use the excitement you have developed and leverage that into further growth and better returns.

And with both, you can do nothing, and miss the opportunity presented.

It literally comes down to what you make of it that matters.

Those of you that know me should also know that I believe more in the what can be than resting upon the what once was.  By remaining where you have been, you never see where you can go.

No, we will not be celebrating what we have done, but be looking at how we can improve, offer more to our customers, expand our market, and continue down the path on this journey that never ends.

Don’t let getting smoked stop you from becoming stoked!  I hope to see all of you continue to grow!


{Addendium:  That race car?  We overcame the problems and went on to three consecutive National Finals.  One important thing to note.  I loved driving!  The experience of traveling down a quarter mile at 140+ mph was exhilarating!  I was a damn good driver . . . but not a great one.  One of those problems I had to overcome, was me.

Sometimes the answer to what you need to move forward may not be what you want to hear.  Be willing to find solutions, take the needed actions, and you, too, may find yourself in the winner’s circle – even if it is to shake the hand of someone else that helped get you there.}




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Richard Taylor

“The only limits we have are those you impose upon yourself. Remove the limits!”

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4 thoughts to “Are You Stoked Or Smoked?”

    1. That was a lifetime ago. Started in 1972 at the Highschool Drags and on weekends in Denver. Went to a Sprint car team in 1981 but only for one season. Fun times!

      Thanks for the comment Mr. Olson!

  1. Inspirational post Richard. However I disagree on one point and that is you SHOULD celebrate your successes. Enjoy it, just don’t live there.. take the time to celebrate and be grateful for the teams work. Then get back to work on continuing your growth. If you don’t acknowledge your success or failure in a project, you can start to get burned out.

    So my theory is celebrate your success, then get back to work, Learn from your failures, figure out what went wrong and get back on track!

    1. The point I was trying to relate (and evidently missed) was more about ‘resting on our laurels’. Of course, we celebrate accomplishments, briefly, but don’t let them become the end of the process. After a point, it seems that the celebrations become less as we are already working on the next aspect. All of us believe that past accomplishments are important as they enable further development and growth overall.

      Trust me, there WILL be one heck of a party at the end of the year!

      We also don’t let ourselves suffer through failure but look to find solutions. Even if that means we place a project on hold, and move on. Never know, something may change through other aspects that make that project viable again. Much like one I am considering now that looks to be doable and more directly related to the discussions here.

      Thanks for your input and views Carla! Always welcome ideas and comments that make me ‘think’ about what I write. 🙂

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