Arrived In Poland…And The First Thing I Did Was….

After 3 different planes and about 14 hours in the air, I arrived safe and sound in Krakow, Poland!

I was met at the airport by the tour guides that Steemfest hired to show us around this weekend and after a quick 20 minute drive, I was checked into the Qubus Hotel…Which is supposed to be ground zero for a lot of the Steemfest festivities….

I was pretty tired but I had to be a tourist!

And what better way than to sample some Polish cuisine!

The hotel had a pretty nice looking restaurant and because it was 3 in the afternoon, I basically had the place to myself. So I grabbed a seat and then asked the waiter (in the most North American of ways)…What does he recommend?

beet cream soup

First up was the Beet Cream Soup (Krem Z Pieczonych Burakow)…And if you love beets like I do, this was heaven in a bowl.

Nice appetizer to start the meal and I was extremely pleased with it. Highly recommended 🙂


I was worried about the cuisine in Poland because I knew a lot of their foods have pork included. I haven’t eaten pork in almost a decade so I was concerned that I’d have to go….Veggie…This trip!

Thankfully, zander is a big thing here in Poland (Sandacz W Polskim Stylu) 🙂

This white fish in the perch family is unique to this part of Europe and this dish was brilliant. Fantastic taste and seared perfectly. Three cheers for the fish!!

apple crumble

And what better way to finish off my first ‘Polish meal’ than with an apple pie crumble (Kruszaniec Z Jablek)…

This took a few minutes to come to the table because I’m pretty sure this was made fresh as soon as I ordered it. What an amazing desert…

All in all, this first meal was fantastic and even though I didn’t get to share it with any other Steemians, I have a feeling this week there will be plenty of opportunity.

Because as soon as I had finished up, I walked out to the lobby and bumped into @nathanmars . So awesome to meet him even though I was about to pass out while standing up from the long flight and amazing meal…

After that, I headed back into my room for a much needed power nap.

Not a bad way to start my trip to Krakow…Tomorrow should be epic!

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