The Art of Keeping It Super Simple [VIDEO]

Simplicity! It’s the art of great advertising and the science of getting big results with everything you do online. The popular legend online is that the average human being is advertised to about 3000 times a day. I’d double that for people in our industry. How do you stick out? How do you separate yourself from the noise? It all comes down to simplicity…Click ‘Read More’ to check out the show..

8 thoughts to “The Art of Keeping It Super Simple [VIDEO]”

  1. Jon, I agree completely with you that simplicity is a key factor; and keeping up with the times is important. However, I think you get a lot of good results from your video advertising because of your reputation. I don’t think people who are relatively unknown will have the same results. They need to take your advice on building a good reputation first. Just MHO. 🙂

    1. I’ve seen it time and time again…People that start adopting video, gets huge results. From Newfire Marketing (Blain and Shane) to Legacy, to Scott Rohn, Barry Langdon….Lots of people have done great things out of their comfort zone.

    1. Bam!!!! Thank you once again for all the awesome topics to talk about each day. Without your help, there wasn’t any content for Plus 1 this week lol

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