The Art of People by Dave Kerpen [Book Review]

The cover of this book had a very bold testimonial…It was called the ‘How To Win Friends & Influence People‘ for today’s world. That alone, got me to pick up Dave Kerpen’s new book The Art of People. And it did not disappoint…

To be compared with the Dale Carnegie classic is a tall order and of course, fans of the original will say there is no comparison but what Dave’s book does is bring these time tested strategies into today’s day and age. And he does it with brutal simplicity which I’m a huge fan of. I love when authors get to the point without dragging a topic on forever.


The book is broken into 11 main chapters, each containing a few short and to the point techniques on how to ‘connect with people‘. It’s written in a way that you can understand the message and put it into practice right away in your business and life. After the end of each skill, Dave Kerpen adds what he calls ‘First Action Steps to Take‘ that helps you bring home what he’s talking about and see the results from it;


This really helped me remember each key point of the book and had me writing in my journal every few minutes with new ideas and strategies that I could implement as well.

It’s also filled with a fantastic collection of quotes at the end of the book and a very cool little ‘self assessment’ test that you are supposed to complete before you even start reading the book. I loved that. It allowed me to see my strengths and weaknesses and assign myself a personality type which I have to say, was pretty accurate….


Easy to read, filled with useful techniques and an overall fantastic book all about ‘people’ and how important it is that we connect with each other. After all, this is a people business and if we aren’t doing everything in our power to connect with others…Well…It’s easy to see why only a few truly succeed.

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Update: Congratulations to Vicki Osgood-Whatley for winning a copy of The Art of People! Your copy will be shipped from Amazon right away!!

4 thoughts to “The Art of People by Dave Kerpen [Book Review]”

    1. Thanks man…..It was a great read. So simple to ‘get’ what each technique was…I loved the way it was written.

  1. Hi Jon great post. Very important concept to know hot to get along with people in this business 🙂 Sorry been missing your shows. I have to stay up late to get my other job done so I get up super late allot. That’s why I join the later show with Legacy guys. Ya I’m up until 4am sometimes even 5am. I try to get my editing job done so I have 2 days off from it. I’m learning allot about cars lol. 🙂

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