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The Art of Sticking Out From The Crowd

I just finished up a great book by Alex Goldfayn called The Revenue Growth Habit. I have to laugh because just like Bob Burg’s Adversaries Into Allies there was a huge nugget…Literally…Right at the end of the book.

That’s so awesome to me. We read a book and get tons of great info…But at the end, both books brought it all home. So the lesson there…Read something RIGHT to the end. 😉

But the nugget Alex talked about was this…

sticking out

Simple right? But so profound to me.

You see we live in the era of 140 characters or less. Instagram posts. Facebook status updates. Constant advertising everywhere you look and social media ‘updates’ in your face 24-7. How can you possibly stick out from all the noise?

It seems impossible. Because the numbers are stacked against you. You may have 100’s of friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter, how can you possibly be top of mind to them, all the time? You can’t. However…..

The goal of all this social media stuff, content marketing, email marketing comes down to this. We need to stay in front of people, consistently, each and every day!

You see, with all those distractions you can be streaming to someone and after the show stops that person has literally forgotten about you and your message almost instantly. They have 100’s of other ‘friends’ to get to. They are bombarded with updates, social media news and gossip…So your best game plan is to stay in front of them as often and as much as you can.

This is troubling to lots of newer marketers because they don’t want to upset their friends and subscribers. They don’t want to email too much. Update their statues too much….Guess what?

No one cares!

That might sound harsh but it’s the truth. People have a million and one things they are ‘paying attention to’ and they really won’t care about what you are putting out there not because they don’t like you, but because there is something new….Always. Something new is coming…

Heck, I bet you have checked your phone for social media updates 5 times while reading this blog post 😉

So here’s the remedy.

Put good value content out in the market…Daily 🙂

Always be looking to improve someone’s life or business with what you are sharing and you will break through the noise. Keep firing! Keep sending emails. Keep updating your social media accounts…And if you lead with value, you WILL attract the right people.

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