My Attitude Sucked! But It Changed…So Can Yours!

Attitude! A good one can mean all the difference in the world. The wrong one, can be your biggest enemy.

It’s story time with Jon…And with that, we’re going back to when it all began…

The date…The year 1998.

I was brand new to the idea of making money online and it was an exciting concept. The banners seemed to pop up all over the place that said things like…”You can make money from clicking links on your computer!”

Wow. Imagine…This high school drop out could say NO to the typical 9 to 5 world of work and become his own boss. I was beyond excited with that thought and started to learn the ways of the web. I tried everything and everything along the way and throughout I heard things like this from some of those that were closest to me…

“Give up! Get a real job! Go to school and get a degree. You’ll never make it! Stop wasting your time!”

It hurt.

And to be honest, I carried a lot of that anger with me for years. My attitude started to become vicious towards anyone that told me I couldn’t do what I dreamed I could do, or anyone that disagreed with my way of doing things.

My attitude became my worst enemy.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom though…I also was surrounded by groups of other people. People I still call friends to this day. They said things like;

“Stay the course. Put as much effort into this in a year from now as you are today! Don’t give up! Learn to grow and become better…”

That started to change my attitude. It started to show me that how you truly succeed in any online business is to have the right attitude.

I began to let go of the anger (this took longer than I thought…), started to embrace positive messages, learned about personal growth and became a student of it…And because of that HUGE change in attitude, things started to ‘make sense’ (and make dollars lol)

The truth I’ve learned over the past 19 years is this…Who you surround yourself with and what you ‘listen’ to in your self talk determines so much in your day to day success. If we want to become better at sunset than we were at sunrise, we need to embrace the right attitude for success. We need vision for a bright future without the Negative Nancies that drag us down.

You can change your attitude towards online business! I know you can because I’m living proof of it!

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