Battle Buddies! Why Having Someone In Your Corner Is A Must! [VIDEO]

I remember the first time I ever heard the term…Battle buddies! It was about 5 years ago on a Skype call with my partner Justin. He was once enlisted in the military and he described it as something he was taught. When you went into battle, you always knew where your ‘battle buddy’ was. You were to look out for them and they would look out for you.

Fast forward and we can see how something like this can be a huge benefit in the business world.

Some folks might consider this finding a mentor but I’m willing to take it one step further.

Maybe we can call it an accountability partner that is 100% dedicated to your success and your goals. But it only works if you are just as invested in their business. Here’s my thinking;

A battle buddy as I understood was someone who had your back, no matter what. They were making sure you were safe and would go out of their way to help you in a pinch (or fire fight if we want to get really technical). Now I’m not for a second, comparing true military heroes to what we do online. But the idea is what counts…

You are fully invested into someone’s success and they are to yours. Every week, you meet on Monday, design a game plan to attack the work week ahead and then meet throughout to the week to see if you are on task. If you are not, your battle buddy holds you accountable.

He / she offers suggestions, a different point of view, ideas, comments but most importantly the favor is reciprocated. This is critical to the success of your relationship.

I’m a huge fans of teams and a bunch of like minded people getting together to for one common goal. However this is personal. This is two people, together and holding each other accountable!

I truly believe there is huge power in a relationship like this. I’ve had many ‘battle buddies’ over the years and it’s helped me a great deal.

The trick is to find someone you not only get a long with, but each of you, are dedicated to seeing each other succeed. That in itself, is a challenge. But I think it’s so worth it…

Who is your battle buddy?

4 thoughts to “Battle Buddies! Why Having Someone In Your Corner Is A Must! [VIDEO]”

  1. Reporting in, got your 6. 🙂

    So very true Jon. Everyone needs people that are willing to not only help you but be held accountable BY you in return. When both parties have a vested interest in each others success, good things happen.

    1. Oh completely agree.

      And it doesnt mean you have to be in business with each other. Just someone you can confide in and get great feedback and input.

  2. Hello Jon,
    I have been wondering about this one myself. I may not be on someone else’s team in CTP, but I am always willing to give encouragement, a kind word, a thank you, etc. I know that I haven’t always been that way (at least not in the beginning-heck, I was scared!), but today if I can help someone out I will. Lesson #2 I learned from “yours truly” is to ask for help when you need it. This one has come harder, but I see the necessity of it and have looked to KL, my sponsor for clues as well as reaching out to that awesome Eric person of TE land. It took me a long time to get over my jitters, self consciousness and EGO, but today I am doing better. I have a lot to learn yet, and what I have learned, I owe to the members of CTP, the team members, and the CSN crew. Thanks guys for paving the way!

    1. Awesome to hear that Barbara. Yeah it’s tough. but this community is so awesome when it comes to helping each other. Never fear asking for help if you need it!

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