be a product of your product

Be A Product Of Your Product

Something I learned very early on in my career online is that people can smell a snake oil salesman a mile away….

You know the type…

“Act now or else!”

“This is the greatest opportunity ever….Until a new one comes out next month!”

“Everyone is buying this, you should to…I’m not sure what it is exactly but I make money if you buy it so….Buy buy buy!”

It makes you understand why so many people are put off by online business, affiliate marketing and the dream of working from home.

Our representation is….Suspect at best.

You can’t blame your potential customers, clients and leads that roll their eyes when they hear of all the big promises and hype that is fed to them. However there is a cure…

We need to be authentic!

Or as it’s known in the business circles…Be a product of your product!

Think about it…Who would you rather ‘buy’ from? A reprsentative of a company or opportunity that is just pitching you because they can make a quick buck or someone who lives, breathes and embodies everything about the product or service.

Who is the better representation?

Here’s an example that only I can speak about…My own.

I write about personal development. I write about books. I blog about affiliate marketing and email marketing as well.

Now let’s check my track record….

Personal development
– I’m reading and learning, daily. I live it. I study it. And I know the journey is never ending. I can always do better…And be better…Thus, the entire brand of Plus 1. To be better at sunset than you were at sunrise!

Books – Not only do I study daily on business topics, personal development, spiritual topics…I literally tell the world about it all the time. Meaning, I want to share my love of reading and books with everyone that will…Errrr…Lend me their ear. Mainly because I know how life changing books can be for their businesses and life. As it was for me.

Affiliate Marketing
– I’ve been in the business since about 2003 (full time). I’ve started more websites then I can remember. I’ve built some of the most popular services and platforms in my industry….Yes, I live, breathe and dream about making money online through affiliate marketing. And love to share it because I know what working from home can bring you….Real freedom!

Email Marketing – Well, this one is pretty obvious I think…I co-founded RocketResponder, one of the newest and most exciting autoresponder and email marketing tool in the market.

Am I saying all this to brag? Not at all…What I’m showing you is that I want to be, in every sense of the word, a product of my products.

What am I putting out in the market, am I living it? Do I practice what I preach? Am I a solid representation of everything I believe in? Well… I’m trying 🙂

The point being, the more we actually live what we are trying to ‘pitch’ the more effective we become. The more authentic we are, the market will see that as solid leadership.

That’s what being a product of your product means to me. When someone thinks of a product or service that you either own or are promoting…They end up thinking of your example! They see what you do, and how you do it.

That’s a powerful business model. In fact, I think it’s the only one that truly matters.

4 thoughts to “Be A Product Of Your Product”

  1. That what I was asking my friend the other day did you when you first joined ctp did you log-in and keep coming back to it she said she did.I on the other hand was skeptical about online business because i had tried the medicine business and had so of that stuff I had to throw it away it was nasty.Now I,m trying to get my downline to do as I did sending them and email about how amazing ctp is.How you can grow a business there and start making cash.all it took is to meet a few people there that helped me get to where I,m today.Maybe I owe my success for thinking that nerdsurfing was worth giving a try because I seen you could make cash there.

    1. Hey John, thanks for the comments. And yup, CTP / NerdSurf all meant to get people active and start learning the basics to take their business to another level. Glad you are getting results man 🙂 That’s great news.

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