Be Kind To Yourself


The other day on Facebook, someone had posted that people should take time to be kind to themselves.

I am not entirely sure what it means. I have often heard people say that you should be kind to others such as strangers, children, the elderly, your neighbors, those less well off than yourself or even animals.

When we want to be kind to others we may pay attention to their needs, their circumstances or the difficulties they face in life and try to help in some way.

But if we are being kind to ourselves then what exactly should we do?

Maybe a good place to start would be to recognize our own needs, circumstances and difficulties we face in life?

I think a great way we could be kinder to ourselves is to take more control of our lives and to recognize that we are ultimately in control of our lives.

If we are not getting enough from life well maybe that is because we are not putting enough in?

Perhaps instead of blaming others for our failures we could turn the spotlight closer to home and see if there is anything we could do for ourselves first?

It might be the ultimate kindness to acknowledge our strengths and our failings so that we can determine where we can work harder on our own and where we need to ask others for help.

So today’s question is simple. What can you do right now to be kinder to yourself?

2 thoughts to “Be Kind To Yourself”

  1. Hi Jon
    Be kind to yourself. Well, for someone who wasn’t sure exactly what that phrase meant, I think you did a great job in interpreting it! Very useful and motivating.

    Sharyn Burtwell

  2. HI Patrick this is a very good point. Because if we are not kind to ourselves we cannot be kind to other people. It comes down to that we need to love ourselves before we can love others. And it’s really important to do. It makes business relationships work out much better if we treat ourselves well. Then we can treat our customers well. Then we will do be able to do better business. A person that didn’t like his or herself well will not like anyone else very well and treat them badly. So in business they will treat their customers badly. This all works together so improving ourselves will also improve our business relationships.

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