Become The Expert & Authority In Any Niche You Choose

One of the biggest myths in affiliate marketing is that you can just promote a generic affiliate link and start make money hand over fist.

It’s setting most new marketers up for failure even before they began and trust me, I’ve learned the hard way how frustrating it can be.

The problem is that most new marketers look to authority figures and experts in their niche for helpful advice when it comes to various topics online. That in turns leads that new marketer to end up purchasing or joining the tools, services or suggestions of the authority figure they are following.

Do you see the vicious cycle that can emerge?

Nee marketer comes online, looks for helpful advice, joins the suggestions of the expert…New marketer is then told to ‘go out and promote’.

Who do they attract? New marketers….And who are those new marketers going to join new opportunities under? That’s right…The expert and authority figure.

So then the question much be…How do you become an expert and authority figure in the niche you love?

Well, the first tip is found in that question right there.

1. You Must Love What You Promote
– Or the niche you are in. In 2001 I discovered a specific niche inside of internet marketing that I fell in love with. People used to tell me it was a pipe dream and the business model would fail. I didn’t listen and was so obsessed with this niche I even ended up writing a book about it. Point being, I LOVED what I did. This is critical to becoming an expert in your niche, you must LOVE it!

2. Be Willing To Invest Your LIFE Into It – This piece of advice might upset some folks but let me be crystal clear. As much as you think you are dedicated to your craft, your competition might want it more. So your job is to become great at what you do by investing a LOT of time into it. Malcom Gladwell famously stated that it takes 10,000 hours of serious practice into mastering a craft…Are you willing to invest 10,000 hours? In case you are doing the math that’s almost 5 years of work at around 40 hours a week. Yup, EXPERTS sacrifice a lot to become great!

3. Don’t Give Up, Because Most Do – Be stubborn about success. You already know it takes 10,000 hours to become great at something, so don’t give up after 3 months. It’s supposed ot be hard at 3 months. It’s supposed to suck! Embrace it! Love it and get better each and every day. Always remember, most people will never become great at something because they give up too soon. Invest the time, the rewards will start to appear!

4. Remember The F Word – FOCUS! – Here’s the golden rule for becoming an expert in any niche or opportunity your wish…Focus all your effort and energy on that one niche or opportunity. Stop trying to be a jack of all trades and get serious. When I got started there was opportunities being launched around me 24/7 and there still are today…But when I stayed focused on my ONE THING and never lost sight of it, I started to become known as an authority in my niche.

This stuff takes time. Believe me, there is nothing sexy about telling someone they need to invest years in becoming great. But it can happen. People will start to think of you when they are looking for opportunities. They will keep you in mind when they need advice. And that’s the true sign you are on the right path…Will it take 5 years? Maybe not, or maybe it will…But embrace the journey and enjoy it, because it’s so worth it!

9 thoughts to “Become The Expert & Authority In Any Niche You Choose”

  1. This is an important topic to discuss. I think many people who enter the internet hoping to make money online, assume that the make money online space is the only one to pursue. As you note, starting a business, any business, is HARD WORK. If you are going to stick with it and put in the hours and effort it requires, you need to be working on something you are passionate about. Otherwise, it becomes all too easy to come up with excuses to allow yourself to quit. Follow your passion and the work becomes play as you watch your business grow and prosper.

    1. Oh absolutely. I mean I understand the lure and excitement surrounding affiliate marketing especially for new marketers…Problem is like you said, there is actual ‘WORK’ required.

      That’s often a tough sell.

      1. Jon,

        Maybe I should invite you to join Pizza Plan 3 with me. Makes perfect
        sense for the new marketers to get in on the right foot.

        1. How about this, you launch it and I’ll do a full review of it here on Plus 1….Without any prejudice or hidden agenda. I’ll be fair and actually would be looking forward to seeing what you put together

          1. Jon,

            I had been entertaining the thought of possibly doing
            the launch from within the forum of CTP, you know,
            make the big splash in the big pond to maximize
            the big bang 🙂

            Why I were thinking you could join me on Pizza Plan 3
            and you could carry the flag and lead the parade.

            However, I believe we both know that’s not going to
            happen 🙂

            Like the title of this topic:

            Become The Expert & Authority In Any Niche You Choose

            New comers have no idea of a niche to choose from and when you published this topic, it was a bulls eye to the Pizza Plan 3 🙂

  2. Definitely the trap we all have or do fall into. In the short you basicly end up working for the “expert” Some people get really good at getting attention, but than give that attention over to something or someone else.

    1. Thanks for the comments man. Yeah that’s exactly it, so my best suggestion is to develop a game plan to become an expert 🙂

  3. Hey Jon,

    You summoned for me?
    I’ve got this covered.
    Become The Expert & Authority In Any Niche You Choose

    I believe time is right to roll out pizza plan 3

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