Beware Of The Hype Hump

Today we discussed something very common in online business which could be the reason for much of the attrition that we see each and every year.

I call it ‘The Hype Hump‘ and I’ll break down how this new business model is destroying everything that is good about trying to build and online business.

Let’s be honest, people LOVE hype. They love a new shining object and will drop much of what they are currently working on to get in on a ‘ground floor opportunity‘.

Marketers KNOW this and love it! So they launch product after product, knowing full well there is no long term growth plan, just a quick cash grab in place for unsuspecting customers…

FullSizeRender (8)

Notice the image above…We have the initial product launch, followed by promises of great things, the hype builds and then it peaks….

After that, it’s all down hill from there…Which leaves the affiliates asking…Where has all the money gone that was promised to us?

Well this is where it went….

FullSizeRender (7)

Operating expenses continue to rise, even when the hype has died down. It costs more to run an online business, there is lots more support issues, maintenance and commissions have to be paid…The money is disappearing and without any kind of long term strategy, the ‘marketer‘ then says…It’s o.k. we’ll just launch a new product to pay for this one…. And the cycle repeats….

That’s why we see launch after launch from the same owners because they have zero interest in building something of value for their customers long term, they are after the ‘Hype Hump‘…

But wait…There is a solution!

Not all businesses are set up with a ‘hype hump‘ model in mind. Some programs are built for long term growth with value driven principles that benefits both owner and affiliates. Crazy concept I know….

Most of these programs can be found by following what I coined…The Turtle Method.

Slow. And. Steady. Growth. Over. Time….

FullSizeRender (6)

Sure there’s dips! Sure there are up’s and down’s. That program may go through some growing phases…But the owner is focused. The owner is determined to bring something of value to market.

It’s not sexy! It doesn’t sell a lot of newspapers…But when you follow this method for choosing a program to get behind, you can expect a serious ‘marketer’ with value in mind. With growth in mind. With their members best interests in mind….

There is noting wrong with launching new programs, the problem is when we focus on the ‘launch’ as our business model. Launch something or get behind something that you will grow with for years to come, stop looking for the quick cash fast!

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