Big Vs Little Isn’t The Real Fight

Big vs. Little Isn't The Real Fight...

I’ve been working online since the late 1990’s and in my almost 2 decades of being in business I’ve seen one constant that stops more people from succeeding than anything else in this industry…

There is the popular opinion in a lot of circles that there is some kind of ‘big guy vs little guy’ fight that goes on every day. The story goes something like this;

“It’s impossible for me to succeed because the Big Guru’s are evil and are stopping us little guys from growing…:


“It’s not fair, because the big guys always get all the business and us little guys fight for scraps…”

This is nothing but destructive thinking and 1000000% false. Here’s what is really happening…

The ‘big guy‘ is taking action every day. Growing as an individual. Putting their plans into action while learning, investing in themselves and sticking out from the crowd.

The ‘little guy‘ is pointing the finger while making excuses. All day. Every day!

Is it that simple?

Could it be that the real fight, the real battle, is inside you? And that, we might be our very own worst enemy?

Here’s what happens in the circles of the ‘big guys‘. They help each other grow. They support each other. They encourage each other. The buy each others products and services. They always show up, and are there to help anyone that simply asks for a tip or two on how to grow their business. Yes, I know that may confuse a lot of people…But the ‘Big Buys’ are usually trying to help the little guys so they can become a ‘big guy’!

So yeah, maybe there is a great conspiracy going on…Maybe it’s that if you TAKE ACTION every day and are growing, you get to be a part of this secret society of action takers.

You know what to do. There is even a free ebook that you can download on the right menu bar on this blog that will show you 30 steps to take, every single day for a month that will separate you from the ‘little guy mentality’. You have all the tools you need.

All that’s really needed, is your hustle and determination!

Don’t be a victim, get rid of the ‘little guy’ mentality and excuses for ever!

19 thoughts to “Big Vs Little Isn’t The Real Fight”

  1. Your post is absolutely correct in my experience. The “action takers” are the ones who get results, while the people who love to “talk about taking action” or making excuses why they are not, get frustrated and it becomes a self fulfilling prophesy. The biggest obstacle that exists for those who want to be successful, but are not is that they dwell upon the things they think they can’t do instead of trying something new and possibly getting better results. Its time for all of us to ask ourselves are we really spending time on the things that are most important or are we just talking about it and doing busy work so we think we are doing something? Whats stopping you from taking action? Lets get back to work…take that small action and before you know it the momentum will start to grow and you will start to see the results of your efforts!

    1. Completely agree Carla and thanks for the comments. And the question you asked is another blog post entirely LOL What’s stopping you? I think it’s fear…The destroy of dreams 🙁

  2. True words Jon.
    I haven’t been involved in a business yet, mine or someone elses, that didn’t start small and then grow (if it was successful). You don’t become big overnight (unless you have enough money to just go out and buy a business that is already there) but it takes steps. It’s not always easy and people don’t grow as fast as each other. There are always personal factors that are involved that dictate the pace and even direction that a business takes.
    The main thing that all the successful businesses have is perserverence. Like Jon says turning up every day and grinding away. Some days it seems like the grind is going nowhere, other days it jumps forward at an alarming rate.
    It’s a journey from start to wherever it takes you and it should be an enjoyable one. If you aren’t liking what you’re doing then you aren’t going to put the extra effort in that pushes the growth. If you want money for just turning up and doing the minimum then it’s not going anywhere and you probably shouldn’t be running a business.
    From small acorns great oak trees grow BUT not ovenight!

    1. Awesome stuff man thanks! Yeah, couldn’t have said it better…For example, yesterday we crushed it, huge sales day. One of the best of 2016 so far. Today…Very average. But I’m not going to slow down. I’m not going to stop hustling. I want today to be better than average and I’ll make sure it happens!

  3. I know in the beginning I was the “little dog” sitting on the porch afraid to run with the “big dogs”.. but then I realized, all those big dogs were once little dogs too… Now, no challenge is too big… money may be tight so I tighten my belt and soldier on… LISTEN to ALL the big dogs… they didn’t get to be that way without trying… everything may not work for me individually, but unless I try, I will never know!!! I had been turtling along at 25-50K hits a day… then added some new stuff… and broke all records for my TE with 112K hits in one day…THAT’s what I’m talking about!!!

    1. Heck ya!!! That’s huge!!! And so true…No one starts a business with income flowing in or members right away…Everyone starts at 0.

      It’s what you do with your time and effort that matters!

  4. Isn’t it easier to just sit there point your finger and say it not fair your TE is bigger than mine, You have more referrals in your downline. Your list is bigger than mine, Your making more money than me etc. Isn’t that the easier route. To be an action taker that requires doing something and most people don’t seem to want to get there elbows dirty. It easier to complain then it is to actually do something. My question to everyone who thinks its the Big guys vs the small guys do you think bitching about it all the time is going to grow your business?

    1. Yeah that’s a really good point. It is easier. Easier to blame everyone except yourself and throw tomatoes at the people that are taking action. Easier…Not always better 🙂

  5. “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

    This is always a favourite quote for me; why not align yourself with five “big” guys so you eventually become one of them instead of surrounding yourself with negative people spending your day whining about the “big guys”. My TE started out being a very small one when I relaunched in September, but I am growing it day by day, leading by example by promoting MY TE every single day. Its rare for me to take a day off…I have a young family and a husband that sometimes complains that I don’t spend enough time, but I hope I’m doing what it takes to build something that will help us all in the future. As others have said, successful businesses don’t magically appear overnight – they take hard work.

    1. Exactly!!!!! That’s a huge nugget…That’s why I think our industry as a whole, has so many negative little guys group together and keep each other down. Instead of growing, and working with the ‘big guys’…Crazy thoughts I know lol

  6. Judging from the comments this post has hit a nerve Jon – well done. The ego plays such a huge role in this equation. Don’t be too proud to ask for help, and don’t start feeling sorry for yourself because you made some wrong decisions, or maybe no decision. There is no freer market than the on-line world.

    1. I hope so man! lol I know everyone reading this has huge huge potential. Not it’s time to get inspired and get moving!

  7. Good advise…

    the instant gratification syndrome of the modern says that if you sent out 2 mailings from 2 safelists and had your links rotating in 2 TE’s for a couple of days and see no results then the big boys must be blocking you and this will never work….

    News flash….the big boys are much to busy working their online business every day, day in and day out to be worrying about your non-action…

    This works like any other job (better)….but ya gotta do the work….every day, and this will work for you also.

    1. Agree completely Ralph. As much as I’m here to help everyone, I really don’t want to spend my time trying to ‘convince’ someone to take action….It’s got to be within!

  8. What annoys me is when the “big guys” say, we are here to help but when you ask for that help you get ignored, the email address they give you bounces, they tell you to contact support – guess what the email for “support” bounces. Most of the instructions given online – I know I have tried to decipher several sites and I am an intelligent person I can read instructions – but when they are not clear and believe me 9 times out of 10 something has been left out. All it takes is one tiny step being left out and you get nowhere. Instructions which don’t tell you what comes first setting up autoresponder or letters or splash pages, is not help to anyone unless you’ve “been there done that”. Sorry people, the “big guys” don’t “….remember where they have come from.” They will tell you they had no money before they started their business(es) but they forget that a person starting out without hundreds or thousands of dollars to lose, cannot afford to lose even $1. Sometimes they cannot even afford to pay the $5 per month subscription which some “schemes” offer. I know, I have had to cancel 2 because I simply could not afford the monthly outlay because of exchange rates. It great for those living in America – $us5 is nothing but for those living in other parts of the world that same $5 could be the equivalent of $10 or $15. This is one thing most “big guys” don’t take into consideration – simply – they want their money, and they don’t care – sorry Jon no disrespect intended in any of this – what the person wanting to join their “package/scheme/method” goes through.
    The other “bug bear” is that “join for free” but if you want to get anywhere and make any sort of income you have to upgrade. If these “big guys” really want to help, they are making millions – what does it get them? A large house that you could 10 families into, several cars which they can’t drive on the normal roads anyway because of speed restrictions. Yachts, aeroplanes that only their family can fly in – get real “big guys” – if you really want to help the “average” person – then help. A friend has been trying to get an online business going for over 12 months with promises of help from his sponsors to help him but the only help he has been given is his accounts being allocated to the wrong sponsor and having to start all over – that is not help I’m afraid.

    Sorry Jon, as I said no disrespect intended but I have had similar experiences myself, I have lost thousands of dollars with assurances that I would get the one-on-one help I needed to get the method up and running and to this day, some 2-3 years later, I still have no help and the method now is no longer on the internet. I have many more examples. Apologies, but most of what I have written about is from personal and friends’ experiences.

    1. Thanks for the comments Lola.

      Here’s what I can say from my own experience. Like attracts like. And when you are starting out, which each of us have, we started with little to no money….But we had opportunity.

      So what we do with the opportunity is what matters.

      When I was getting started, I was beyond broke. Not like ‘I should decide if 20 bucks goes to buy food or paying a bill’…I didn’t even have 20 to have the option to choose.

      But what I had was an opportunity. And I kept showing up. I started making a dollar. Then 2. Then 5. And it kept growing.

      I aligned myself with people that didn’t hand me a thing. But supported me and encouraged me to stick with it.

      That is the difference between a real leader and someone who is looking for a cash grab.

      I guess we should be wary of who we align ourself with but every ‘big guy’ I have met online, has always been supportive towards the people that take an opportunity, and run with it!

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