Blast From The Past – Hardly A Sizzle

When Jon offered this space for me to post thoughts, ideas, and relate the experiences he and I have had over the years, I thought it would be a great idea.  Well, this isn’t the first time I was wrong!


The time here was fun.  As everyone has noticed, I can talk for hours!  The reality, though, is that I have nothing of value to add in today’s environment.  As I was told in a Blab recently, no one cares about the past.

As we move forward, remember that everyone has the opportunity to seek out success here.  Keep following your path on the journey.  The only way to never find success is to stop trying!

Best of wishes to everyone on their journey into the future.


Richard Taylor

2 thoughts to “Blast From The Past – Hardly A Sizzle”

  1. Hi Rich that’s OK. I seem to have a blank in my mind too often about what to write. I am not saying you are blank too often. But just want you to know I understand and it’s no big deal. I hope you are having nice weather.
    Have a nice day/ evening. 🙂

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