Blockchain Revolution by Don & Alex Tapscott [Book Review]


Unless you’ve been living under a bridge over the past few months, you’ll know about the latest craze to hit the world. Ahhh yes, it’s bitcoin and it’s cousins the altcoins. It’s a big confusing world but it has captivated the dreamers and schemers alike…

If you have not yet read my sob story about how I was into crypto years ago and then ‘gave’ up, please feel sorry for me on this blog post here. However in recent months, something stirred inside of me. Maybe it was the record profits every was talking about or maybe it was the entrepreneur in me begging to take a second look…I decided to do it the right way this go round.

And my ‘right way of doing things‘ is always through…Books 🙂

I recently finished Don & Alex Tapscott’s Blockchain Revolution to give myself a brief overview of not only the crazy world of cryptocurrencies, but also the technology behind this madness….The blockchain.

It’s being called the second coming of the internet and the new way we will do business online. Sure every knows about the cryptocurrency side of the blockchain but its bigger..Much bigger than just guys making a million bucks on bitcoin.

Part of this book is inspiring to read. The technology behind the blockchain could literally, save mankind. From REAL democratic changes in government to creating mobile banks for the billions of ‘unbankable’ people around the world, this stuff sounds like a dream. However the last part of the book could scare you to death.

I mean, literally, Skynet could be coming (sci-fi nerds will understand that reference…)

But in the end, good can and will triumph over evil. The benefits of this new way of creating communities, sending peer to peer payments, doing business and empowering entrepreneurs around the world is too good to pass up on.

Blockchain Revolution is a must read for anyone that is new to the cryptocurrency world but it’s also a study on the potential that we have as a species. This book will get you thinking and ask yourself almost hourly…How can I leverage this? How can we benefit from this? And how can we make sure, the machines eventually don’t rule the earth 😉

15 thoughts to “Blockchain Revolution by Don & Alex Tapscott [Book Review]”

  1. The chryptocurrencies part is easier to grasp by masses than the blockchain. However, value is behind the future applications of the blockchain, not in the chryptos.

    I only recently started to dig much deeper, because I couldn’t see the benefits from what I thought were overpriced chryptos.

    Thank you for the book review, it certainly is an interesting reference!

    1. Thanks man, yeah it’s a very deep book that dives into the pluses and minuses of the tech. And I didn’t wanna get too much into it, cause like you said….It’s a tough thing to grasp immediately.

      But you are right, the future of the tech is what everyone should be interested about.

          1. Oh for sure. There was a great example in that book that stated….Before the browser, the web was just email and IRC chats lol

            He then compared it to what the cryptos are now to the blockchain…..Until we have a ‘browser’ inside this tech, it’ll still be speculation.

      1. Yeah guilty as charged. Shoulda coulda….But that’s why we were born with eyes in the front of our faces. Not in the rear. To look and go forward.

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