zig ziglar born to win book review

Born To Win by Zig Ziglar [Book Review]

The name Zig Ziglar holds so much weight in the business world. Arguably one of the greatest minds in personal development and sales over the past 50 years, Zig has been quoted, studied and followed by your favorite guru’s favorite guru!

When Zig passed away in 2012, he left quite the legacy. Decades worth of seminars, audios, books, and training for us to learn from going forward. His latest and quite possibly his last book is called Born To Win and when I saw it in the bookstore a few weeks ago, I snagged it as quickly as I could.

Born To Win is classic Ziglar. It’s filled with fun stories, examples and explanations on how to achieve massive success in all aspects of our lives but with that friendly touch that Zig was famous for.

It feels like he’s in the room, talking to you and not at you. And what is so awesome about this book is how it’s laid out…Let me explain;

Born To Win basically has 4 parts…The first 3 parts of the book go over what it takes to plan, prepare and expect to win. And the last part of the book are actual exercises you complete to bring it all home.

The last book I read that made me actually want to ‘do the exercises’ was The One Thing and I think it’s why I enjoyed Born To Win so much. After reading the short 159 pages of content, the book than transforms into an actual project that you want to work on.

zig ziglar born to win

Heck, you are designing your own life so that should get you fired up in itself. However most books that have ‘exercises’ to do, feel like fillers more of the time.

Not Born To Win.

After you learn how to plan to win, prepare to win and then expect to win, the exercises at the end of the book are natural and you feel incomplete until you take action and start writing things down.

zig ziglar born to win book review

I loved the hands on approach to Born To Win. And because it’s such a quick read, you spend the majority of the time actually DOING what Zig recommends, rather than thinking about it for months. It’s the perfect combination of theory and action!

And if this is Zig Ziglar’s final piece of writing, he left us with a treasure for sure.

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