Build Your Brand With A Blog [VIDEO]

Blogging! You hear about the importance of writing a blog all the time but is it still a good game plan in 2016? Since 2003 I’ve been blogging and nothing, I repeat, nothing has helped me build a brand more than blogging. Get off the side lines, break out your keyboard and let’s dive into why you should start blogging right now! Click ‘Read More’ to view the seminar…

4 thoughts to “Build Your Brand With A Blog [VIDEO]”

  1. Thanks for the content today – great topic and think that it will help everyone with this question – do I or don’t I – I remember when I started I thought who would ever want to read what I have to say and I AM NOT a writer. Over time, I have learned to blog like I talk and found out that I have lot that I can talk about lololol

    1. Thank you for the suggestion on the topic. Fun little story about that ‘i’m not a writer’ thing…I struggled with that a lot over the years. Why should anyone listen to what I have to say….And here’s why….Because if you are blogging, writing, making videos…You are ‘doing it’ and that’s more to say then the majority of the competition out there.

      Most watch on the side lines, and rarely get into the game.

  2. I remember when I firsted started blogging… Things would crop into my mind like “who’s gonna read your posts?” etc. And I used to cringe every-time when I sat down to write a post. Guess what? I didn’t care and did it anyway and eventually it became a good habit and with practice became effortless for me. My writing got better and better… More people should really consider blogging because it’s a powerful branding communication tool for anyones business. I’m glad I stuck with it now!

    1. Bam! Exactly…You aren’t going to write Pulitzers out of the gate, but the more you do it, the more comfortable you get!

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