Build & Control Your Own Engagement Channels

Here’s a term that might not get talked about much – The engagement channel!

Exactly what is it?

I’m not going to throw the Oxford dictionary definition at you, instead I’ll share with you this graphic…


It’s basically every single way your customer engages with you. It’s how you communicate your message and your value to them through various ways of media.

In 2017, we use a lot of these different channels yet we have 100% control of very few. In fact, we are at the mercy of some of the ‘big boys’ such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, T.V., Radio etc.

This quote from Ryan Holliday’s Perennial Seller sums it up perfectly! Here’s why we need to spend more time working on and growing our own engagement channels…


Let me highlight that huge point…

“The only way to guarantee longevity online is to retain control of your own engagement channel…”

So if we don’t own Facebook, Youtube or Twitter, what can we focus on…?

1. Your blog

2. Your mailing list

These two channels are the ones that you control completely. Not only do you own them, your email subscriber lists and content from your blog, but you CONTROL how often you communicate. You control what gets seen and shared. And no one can change an algorithm on you at the drop of a dime.

You see, if Facebook or YouTube decide one day that your content doesn’t match their business model, you are done. If Twitter stops liking what you are Tweeting, you are finished. These channels, while extremely useful and powerful, are not under your control. So we need to spend the bulk of our time online LEVERAGING the tools we don’t own, and building the ones we do.

That’s why I’m such a huge fan of building your list and content marketing. Simply because we can OWN the content and delivery systems. This is so powerful for anyone trying to build a long term business online.

Believe me, I know what it’s like for Google to ‘slap‘ you. It happened to me about a decade ago and I have never looked back. I felt my time was better served developing my brands and my mailing lists while LEVERAGING the awesome power of their engagement channels.

This just makes sense! Build your brand and build your list! You can’t go wrong…

11 thoughts to “Build & Control Your Own Engagement Channels”

  1. Indeed lots of way to get that vaunted “engagement”

    Can see how the one’s you have full control over are the ultimate goal. Perhaps using the other sites and such to get them into the blog and more importantly your list.

    Therefore you can engage directly and one on one.

  2. Should be the goal for most.

    I mean they can forgo the blog. But think it helps build the trust. If you just say join the list so I can contact you most just go “oh god” and move on. But to join someone who’s content they like most will jump to do it.

    Once I get my site situation sorted out than I can start setting up the mailing list again.

    1. Yeah the blog is the content that delivers the value. You follow it up with your list. At least, in a perfect world LOL

  3. Excellent points Jon! There are so many channels these days. It is good to be familiar with and use multiple resources in communicating with your customers. It is also important to keep a balance in what you do, Spend some time one on one with your most valued customers and find out what works best for them, Keep track of what you find out and use it on a regular basis.

  4. I love how you put this Jon and couldn’t agree more: “we need to spend the bulk of our time online LEVERAGING the tools we don’t own, and building the ones we do”.

    As history showed with Google’s ranking algorithm, it’s unpredictable to base your business on it, just as it is on any other engagement channel you have no control over.

    I intersect with your topic in one of my blog posts about expectations versus reality for new bloggers. The dilemma was for the new blogger: Why should I keep a blog when I can post on my social media accounts?

    If new bloggers read this, and we know they do, we have a compelling answer to the question above: because you own your blog, but you don’t your social media account!

    1. Brilliant comments Adrian, thanks for that. Yeah you hit the nail on the head. Google, Facebook, YouTube..they can do what they want, when they want to….And if you put all your faith into that, you might be left out in the cold. Use them for sure and leverage their massive power and reach…But build your channels!

  5. Masterfully put and great content as always. Love the food for thought it is something that can easily be put into action.

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