Build The Life Of Your Dreams…Today! [VIDEO]

I’m reading an awesome book by John C Maxwell called ‘Put Your Dreams To The Test‘ and one of the passages in the book really changed the way I look at success.

The book stated that we can have the life of our dreams if we worked on annual, monthly and daily goals. Think about it…

What we want to accomplish in a year from now is simply the outcome of what we do each and every day. So if you want to change your life in a year from now, start with today.

Then those simple changes happen every week, which then become a month which eventually becomes…A year of change!

This formula may seem like a pipe dream and not really filled with much science and evidence. However I can truly claim this stuff works because I’ma product of it. Years ago I decided to write 3 things down on January 1st, and these goals were to be accomplished on December 31st of that year.

So throughout the year, seeing those goals in front of my computer screen every day made me work on my daily habits to reach them. Whether it was a new blog post, a new product, a new seminar…I made sure what I did every single day, fell in line with my goals for the end of the year. I changed my DAY, which eventually changed my year.

That’s also why I wrote Plus 1 Success, because I truly believe if we just do one thing positive every day, we will grow and create the life of our dreams!

Be sure to watch the short live show I did today on this topic and then work on ONE THING you can change today, that will help build the life of your dream in a year from now.

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