Building Loyalty Through Caring

I have a short story to share with you…About caring!

I’m an internet marketer. Now before you start rolling your eyes and shaking your head…I’m NOT that kind of internet marketer….The one that tells you to buy my products and you’ll be an instant success…I believe in building mailing lists, personal brands and putting the axe to grand stone…

AKA…Putting in the work to develop a long term business using the tools and services that are used in the internet marketing world.

Part of internet marketing and building your lists is recommending products and services to your customers. Through creative marketing, sending emails, or driving traffic to affiliate offers…

And to be able to take part in these affiliate offers you first must ‘JV’ or joint venture with the product’s creator or developer.

I get pitched offers all the time.

Dozens of product creators send me pitches on why I should promote their offer and how great it will serve my customers…Some products are great, others are so so and some are just absolute garbage.

Do you know which offers I choose to promote the most?

The product creators who actually give a crap! The ones that CARE!

It’s not the guys with the slickest sales pitch. Or the marketers promising the most returns…

It’s the ones that spend the time to develop a relationship with me for the long term and deliver massive value to their customers.

This is huge and while it’s a great lesson for internet marketers, I’m sharing this with you on STEEM for a reason…And the reason is this…GIVE A S&^T!

Actually CARE about your readers!

Engage with the people who comment on your blog!

Spend time to develop relationships with you readers through engagement but also via Discord chats and other means.



Care what they write about. Share what they talk about. Put some passion into developing those relationships.

I know I’ve been M.I.A. over the past few weeks and not as ‘engaging’ as I like to be…But I’m almost home 😉

And once I do..I promise to CARE. To respond to your unique comments! And to enjoy the STEEM journey and passion that we all share!

Caring is not just a great game plan for success in internet marketing and STEEM…It’s the right way to live 🙂

Signing off from Kamloops, British Columbia…On the side of a highway….Heading east!

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