Building Momentum On STEEM

I’m back to my books…As I mentioned in Friday’s post I started reading ‘It Starts With Passion‘ for a book review later this week. I’m about a quarter of the way through the book already and it’s been an enjoyable read so far.

The author Keith Abraham hits on some huge points that while having passion is fantastic fuel to the fire…We need to actually take action on the things we are ‘passionate’ about.

Case in point, this quote he referenced from Thomas Edison…


1% inspiration….99% perspiration!

AKA, actually DOING the work!

But what’s important to note, especially when it comes to putting in the sweat equity…Is that once you get going, momentum starts to show it’s awesome face 🙂

Case in point….

STEEM your journey here on the blockchain!

Let’s take a trip back to my 5-500-5000 formula post that I wrote way back in the first part of 2018. The game plan was simple right? Show up everyday, engage with people, create content, add value and power up every chance I could…

My original goal for last year was to hit 5000 Steem Power before December 31, 2018. I actually hit that goal WAY before my intended target and it comes down to…


I talk about the ‘Savvy Cycle‘ a lot in the training @SteemSavvy because you see how momentum is built here on STEEM when we ‘show up everyday’ and actually put in the work…


So let’s break this down and see how this regular Steemian that knew NO ONE on this platform on December 7th 2017…Has grown to almost 2000 followers and amassed over 13,000 Steem Power.

Here’s the biggest nugget…

I’m NOTHING special!

I’m just a regular dude. In fact, I’m a high school drop out who has been an entrepreneur for almost 20 years. I also had one of the worst years of my life last year and lost my home in the process but no matter what happened…But I showed up on STEEM, everyday!

…I hate saying this, but if I can do this…Anyone can.

1. It Starts With Passion (Adding Value) – Look, if you don’t love this…It’s going to be an uphill battle in every sense of the word. Passion is the fuel to get you creating and engaging everyday. And with that in your arsenal, you begin to add value every where you go. You comment more. You upvote more. Engage more….But it starts with a LOVE for this community and platform!

2. You Take Action & SHARE – Becoming a product of your product is so important. This means we start using @Dtube instead of YouTube. We use @Steemit instead of Reddit. We use @Vimm rather than Twitch…By doing this (taking action and using the dApps) we are sharing our experience with the world. This is huge. People are watching! Especially us blockchain and crypto fan boys and girls that talk about this stuff…Everywhere! These people are watching to see if we are actually walking the walk! Well when it comes to STEEM, it’s a no brainer….We have the best dApps and the best community! That’s something to share 🙂

3. Putting Skin In The Game & Powering Up – I’m not ignorant to the issues around the world. And I know 10 bucks for me, goes a lot further for some people around the world. So this doesn’t mean you need to hit 5000 Steem Power this year…It just means you need some skin in the game. Try not to cash out for a while…And all the SBD, STEEM and SP that you earn, you KEEP here! I know different situations are unique for each of us, but I have a 3-5 year plan for STEEM…Right now, it’s about building, accumulating and re-investing everything I can into this…And hopefully in a few years, we will all see the fruits of our labor.

Nothing is guaranteed…But the relationships are real. The journey is huge! And the potential is immense…I don’t know about you, but that makes me VERY excited to power up every day I can!

You start doing these things….Every day, consistently…And this beautiful thing called momentum starts showing up!

You start attracting more upvotes!

People are beginning to follow you more…

Heck, sometimes you are even asked to speak at blockchain based events 😉

Momentum is a beautiful thing!

It starts with passion and ends with some amazing achievements and a journey that you will never forget…


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