Building Steem…One Community At A Time

We talk about the price of Steem…A lot…

People can’t help but notice that at one time, this blockchain was a top 5 coin on CoinMarketCap! We remember the glory days of late 2017 and early 2018…Steem couldn’t lose, this was the place to be…

A few hardforks later, a bunch of drama and here we are…At around 14 cents a pop!

If you look at it from that angle…One could get depressed and feel like our glory days have long passed…Or you look at what is being built on Steem right now and…Well, you get pretty excited.

So this arrived on my doorstep today…


You see, when Steem-Engine introduced the tribes and ability for different communities to build their own token, projects like @ReggaeSteem started to pop up!

I mean…A community of reggae music lovers and culture enthusiasts…Based on a blockchain!

Let that sink in for a second…And you’ll start to understand why I say ‘screw the price of Steem!

I was an early adopter of #ReggaeSteem, mostly because of my love of reggae music…But also because I met @Dmilliz who was helping to build this tribe and we connected pretty quickly. And because we shared a similar interest in reggae music, he let me know the moment @ReggaeSteem launched!

That’s what Steem brings that no other blockchain does…

Similar Passions = Communities Being Born!

And that’s where the true wealth is folks…Not the ‘awesome technology‘ or the ‘revolutionary products‘…It’s the people and their passion!

It’s when a dude from Jamaica via Japan connects with a dude from Canada and they start talking about…Reggae music. Once again, see @ReggaeSteem

Or when an an entrepreneur from the US meets up with another entrepreneur from the same country…And start developing a digital trading card game. See @SteemMonsters

Maybe it’s a dude with a huge passion for investing, bringing like minded people together and creating on of the most exciting tokens on the Steem-Engine platform. See @Steem.Leo

You see…It’s all of that!

This is what makes Steem unique and much more valuable than the 14 cent price tag we are currently enjoying 😉

It’s community!

It’s real people, sharing their passions and getting to know one another on the blockchain…

This community stuff isn’t easy though…And it’s not as simple as sticking a pretty website up and calling it a day. Building community takes time but at the end, it’s worth it.

We grow together, we laugh together and we win together.

And each of these unique communities are being built, right now, here on Steem!

So whether you love reggae music, enjoy trading cards and battling it out…There is a home for you on Steem!

Because the best part is…We’re just getting started 🙂



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