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Building A Story Brand by Donald Miller [Book Review]

I will never debate the power of social media and personal recommendations ever again!

A few weeks ago, a bunch of authors and leaders I follow on social media were raving about the brand new book by Donald Miller – Building A Story Brand.

I had read some of Donald’s previous work and most of it didn’t show up in the marketing and business niche….However something was telling me, this was a recommendation that I could not ignore.

So off I go to the book store to purchase it and from the first page I could not put this book down…

story brand

Donald Miller’s Building A Story Brand breaks down marketing on a personal level. The key, Donald states, is found a 7 part ‘story brand’ framework that can be created and leveraged for any business in any market.

People love a good story and it’s important to remember this key take away from this book – Those that confuse, will lose.

Clarity is key in building a story and if your story comes across clear and puts the customers in the driver seat (aka they become the hero) you can build a thriving business in any market.

Using examples from popular Hollywood stories like Star Wars and even Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, the author claims that all stories follow a very similar frame work.

It starts with a character (your customer) who has a problem. They meet a guide (which ends up being you) and gives the character a game plan to follow. The guide challenges them and calls them into action and then the hero (our character) finds success that helps him avoid failure.

story brand

Simple right?

Think of any popular story from Star Wars to the Hunger Games and you’ll see this pattern and framework followed perfectly!

That’s the true beauty of Building Your Story Brand. Not only is it a joy to read and learn from, it flows just like…Well…A perfectly crafted story.

An added bonus is Donald’s training on the importance of building your mailing list and using email as a primary tool to share these stories with your customers. As you could imagine, that sealed the deal for me 🙂

This is one of the better marketing books I’ve read in the past few years and arguably one of my favorite books of 2017.

A must read if you are into marketing, online business and any industry that helps turns customers into heroes!

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  1. Thank you John.
    Loved your post, thanks for sharing.
    Gave me some good Ideas to apply in my articles, emails etc.

    I always enjoy reading what you have to say.
    All the best to you and yours.

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