Building Your SteemPower Without Writing Pulitzer Prize Articles

I have begun to look at building my SteemPower here on the blockchain as a game…

One that I’m always try to win and improve upon 🙂

I’m getting some great SP because I’m choosing 100% Steem Power for rewards payout more often than not. And even without choosing 100% SP, the payouts have been fantastic….That is of course, if you are more interested in accumulating the actual crypto rather than what it’s trading at 🙂

That being said…Creating content everyday is the number one struggle for new content creators on the blockchain. And regardless of what the popular opinion may be, STEEM still thrives as a place to create content and get it absorbed by the community!

I was attending the State of Steem weekly meeting yesterday hosting by @pennsif and was taken back by a comment made by @paulag and then highlighted by @therealwolf

“Steem needs more content CONSUMERS, not just content creators!”

To that I say…Amen!

Here’s the issue….

The debate on what is ‘quality content‘ will rage forever. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and I don’t think any one person has the right to decide what is quality and what is not. So this leaves new Steemians that are excited to build their brand on Steem in between a rock and hard place…

One one hand, they are told to create content and be seen by the masses. And on the other, they are told they are not Pulitzer Prize winning authors and should bow to the all powerful ‘professional’ authors and content creators.

It’s funny because, I believe you get better at creating content over time when you actually…Create content over time 😉 But here’s my solution for anyone that is excited to build their Steem Power on the blockchain….Without hurting the feelings of the content police.


Take a look at this screen shot…


Over the past 7 days I’ve been on the road and haven’t been able to create the content I usually do. Sure I used some awesome apps like @appics over the past week but I enjoy writing…A lot!

So instead I used @partiko and curated some great content. Engaged with it. Made comments. Asked questions….And CONSUMED IT!

Because of that, I still earned over 10 Steem Power by….Not creating, but consuming content and curating it!

Now granted, the amount of Steem Power you have personally will determine how much SP you receive from your curation…But this was a wake up call for me.

We are so busy trying to CREATE maybe it’s time we stop and appreciate the awesome stuff being created by others on the blockchain. Not only do we add to their journey but we also can generate Steem Power by simply…Enjoying what they are putting out there.

This solves some major problems for new Steemians….First it allows them to get a feel for what they would enjoy when it comes to content on the blockchain. They can ease their way into the community and engage with their fellow Steemians. But it also empowers them to ‘get out there’…They do not feel the pressure of needing to write the prize winning article…They can just be themselves an d earn some Steem Power in the process.

As I progress further with the #RoadTo177SP initiative, I think I will focus much more on the consuming aspects of STEEM…The curation that makes STEEM so powerful! Remember, everyone wins when we curate, comment and engage with each other….

The Pulitzers will come….Right now, let’s just build those relationships!


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