The Bullshit (Sessions) Of Building A Business

Bullshit.  Bovine Scatology.  The stuff you step in.  Something you accuse of others while doing the same.  The pure genius of business innovation.

Wait, say what?  Genius?  Innovation?  Yeah, that’s bullshit!

Oh yeah!  And I am full of it!  Why, when I went to school, we walked five miles, uphill, in the snow, BOTH WAYS!  We were so poor, we had to staple old cardboard boxes the neighbors threw away to our feet for shoes!  Need I continue?

Seriously, BS Sessions have held a place in business development probably since the first time man learned to speak.  Today, they have more PC titles such as Focus Groups, Team Planning Meetings, Mindset Research, Brainstorming, and so forth.  But the intent is the same.  Throw a bunch of – stuff – around and see what sticks.

(I’ll wait while you clear your mind of that last mental image)

Ok then.  How does this work, and what makes it such a genius innovation?

Think about it.  Where do your ideas come from?  Something you have seen?  Read?  Heard?  A psychotropic dream state premonition?

Then what?  Do you just dismiss them, or do you think about it, talk about it over dinner or a beer?  In the latter, do you seek out people that can add – value – to the discussion?  Hash out the possibilities, eliminate the problems, and move forward?  Congratulations!  You just had a Bullshit Session!

Er, I mean: “A highly structured business meeting where quantitative data and analytical logic was used to determine probable outcomes and forecast potential benefits”.  (Now THAT is called “Business level Bullshit”!)

Allow me to demonstrate something.  Recently, I wrote about a Team project in 2001.  I want you to follow along for a minute if you please.

  • August 2001:  A man in Australia opens a new traffic generation site online.  A few hundred people join.  I was ID #762.
  • Early September:  Owner opens an IRC (text-based chat) room.  Hundreds join, a couple dozen become – regulars – there.  They start to talk.
  • Mid-September:  Chat group begins to discuss – options – to help build the business.  The number of regular people involved drops to about a dozen, but they begin to spend more time talking together – Bullshit Sessions begin.
  • Late September:  The group begins to form a stronger bond.  Discusses working together to help each other build a network of new members.  I propose my idea to the group, we discuss.  Owner opens a Forum, the group follows.  More BS ensues.
  • Late September (a few days later):  Owner notices the discussions and familiarity of the group, offers to discuss my idea   I point out that there is a group willing to work – together – to make it happen and help build his business.  Idea greenlighted.
  • End September:  I notify the people selected, all from the group that has been – bullshitting – together, even though we had others apply.  I felt I -knew – them well enough to see their potential strengths.
  • Early – End October:  I set up an audio/video (yeah, we had that even back then) solution for Team discussions.  Many LONG hours of – bullshitting – ensues while the project develops.  The Team begins to know, and trust, each other.  The program has grown to about 25K members.
  • November:  Newsletter launches.  The team celebrates, drinks beer, and – bullshits – about what is next (remember this) in the a/v room.  More ideas are brought up.

I know,  it’s a long timeline to follow.  What’s worse, I’m not done yet!

Do you see how this happened?  It went from people hanging out discussing various things to an idea.  From there it evolved to a Team working together, each helping the other overcome problems, presenting ideas to improve, and yes – even disagreeing at times.  And through it all, we talked about our dreams, family, bet on (American) football, and told bad jokes.

We BS’d our way to becoming far more than just a Team. We were a dedicated group of friends working to help each other, and the program, succeed!

Now here is where the -genius – part comes in.  In basically three months, the program owner now had a Team helping him build HIS program – for FREE!  You read that right.  We were volunteers.  All we – got – out of this going in was helping each other learn how to build our member base.

Bet you think we got the shaft on this, right?  Nope!  And here is why.

As this scenario developed I learned that we all had similarities.  We were new to internet marketing.  Each of us had done – something – different that brought us together in this program.  And that we all wanted – more – than to just build downlines and surf (except Jon.  He already loved surfing!).  It was one of the primary reasons I chose them for the Team.

My hope was that out of this I could help build a group that would want to do more.  Look for the next project (remember what I said happened the night the newsletter launched?).  Be excited about what we could accomplish.  That, too, worked!

Yep, here it is.  That – next – timeline I warned you about!  It will be shorter at least.

  • Right after the newsletter launched, I was asked by one of the – regulars – that passed on the Team if I wanted to open a TE.  He had a script, I had development skills. was launched.
  • A reader of the newsletter owned a somewhat successful TE (about 10K members) and wanted to sell.  The owner of the newsletter project and I became partners and bought  Jon Olson was already becoming the – go to guy –  on TEs, and we enlisted his opinions on how to develop it.
  • Jon began writing more about TEs in the newsletter and Forum, establishing himself as the – expert – on the Team.
  • Robert Fortin had a friend with a safelist that wanted out.  We partnered, formed RX2Central, and reopened it as one of the first credit based safelists because of a Team discussion while – bullshitting – in the a/v room.
  • As things progressed and we got busier, we needed a new manager for, and Jon came on board.  Later, we offered him ownership, which began his career as a TE owner
  • Because we were on the Team, every project by a member was promoted as a Team effort, and included in the program which now had over a million members.
  • And the list goes on.

Ok, it was only one bullet point shorter, but it still was!

See where this is headed now?

The real – genius – wasn’t the owner, or me.  It was the Team itself.  It was what they did, together, that created the opportunities that ensued.  And that was the -innovation – part.  They did more as a Team than could be done alone, developed new ideas, and made it happen!

Still here?  I know, this is long even for me!  But there is a reason.

Some of us were talking at the CTP Skype room today and the topic of – business – came up.  Shocking, isn’t it?

After some discussion, it became evident that among the group hanging out – bullshitting – time away there was a desire to learn, and accomplish, more.  Hidden behind stupid jokes, emoticons, and light-hearted business discussion there is a wealth of knowledge.  Sound familiar?

Jon Olson has tried to bring this group together, just as we did back in 2001.  Perhaps people don’t really understand, or care about, what can be achieved by becoming a Team – working to benefit everyone involved.  So, here I am at 0200 in the morning, typing volumes of words hoping, once again, that maybe a few really want to learn more, share more, do more.

No, I am not talking about building some program for this.  Nothing to build downlines in, advertise, or make money off of.  It won’t benefit any single business exclusively – but may help you develop yours.

Comment here, or go to the CTP room and Skype about what you think.

I may be – bullshitting – myself, but I honestly believe in the opportunity that this can present.  See how far you can go.




With Sincere Thanks

Richard Taylor

“The only limits we have are those you impose upon yourself. Remove the limits!”

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7 thoughts to “The Bullshit (Sessions) Of Building A Business”

  1. Awesome post full of truths current new prospects will still ignore on their endless journey looking for that fast buck fix.

    I think most of us ‘old timers’ have pushed, tested, walked softly and done whatever we could to create teams.

    They are still popular in TEs but all without depth.
    The missing link seems to be the warmth that BS sessions on business, family, you name it, seems to
    create. It is the glue that makes it all possible.

    When someone dictates ‘… this room was formed for …’ it empties and the needed feelings for future
    possible business goes with it.

    Keep on keeping on, Richard. Long or short, BS or no BS – you bring in the light on much-needed truths.

    1. Hey Fran!

      Dictators rarely bo much to facilitate a positive learning environment. You are correct, it doesn’t work.

      In the quest for insta-dollars, so much gets overlooked and pushed away. And that includes what COULD actually make a difference in seeing results. There is a reason that less than 5% of the people that start out on this journey ever finish the first path.

      Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

    1. G’day Barb!

      It is critical to connect. We do it every day in life. Why would business be any different?

      I just downloaded another report based on research done by Google on “The Importance Of Team Development”. Looking forward to finishing it, and probably making another post on the subject as a result.

      Thanks for reading and the comments. 🙂

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