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The Buyer’s Journey Doesn’t End At The Sale

There sure are a lot of buzz words in the internet marketing world. Content marketing. Bounce Rate. Sales funnels. The buyer’s journey…

That’s an interesting one. Let’s look deeper into what all the pro’s are calling the buyer’s journey….

buyer's journey

So we see here, a potential lead is introduced to your product or service. This is called the awareness stage. They get to know you, they are checking you out, you may have caught their attention…

The next stage deals with consideration. They are really thinking about actually spending money with you. They see what you are offering and are almost convinced that you have something they deem valuable.

And finally…The sale. The decision! You have made a sale and your customer gets what you are offering.

And you live happily ever after……

I have a question though…What about AFTER the sale is made?

Are we just to repeat this process over and over again so we can keep the sales flooding in?

Well if we know that selling to someone that is already a customer is easier (and cheaper) then why aren’t we continuing the relationship with that customer?

And here’s my biggest pet peeve with most marketing experts out there….

They will teach you about this marketing trick and that sales tactic… But rarely, if ever, do they talk about what happens AFTER a sale is made.

This is when we can shine
. This is when we can keep the relationship going so that that a one time payment can potentially become a repeat customer.

Take a look at something I wrote on my whiteboard recently…

buyer's journey v2.0

When we are providing awesome value for our current customer base then it become repeat business. And when we go above and beyond to make them feel valued, lifetime relationships will be built and then…Loyalty starts to pop up!

That should be the ultimate question that every marketer asks…

How do we turn a potential customer into a lifetime customer?

Here’s how…Throughout that buyer’s journey, we are continuing to deliver superior products, amazing service and rock solid results. We communicate with them regularly. Work with them to focus on their needs and in the end, turn a lead into a customer that is loyal…For life!

How’s that for a Plus 1?

5 thoughts to “The Buyer’s Journey Doesn’t End At The Sale”

  1. Hi, Jon. Yet, Another great refresher for all of us here. Customer service/support is one after the sales: Check tickets and Skypes for messages 2 times a day with a courteous attitude; refrain from getting mad (I am guilty of this. We are all human); try to be as helpful as possible. Thanks. 🙂

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