So They Call It Tick Journaling [VIDEO]

Apparently there is a name for this…It’s called ‘tick journaling‘ and even though I didn’t know it had an official name until yesterday, it’s one of the most effective ways to practice goal setting that I’ve ever used in my career.

Let me give you a quick run down…

I was reading ‘One Hour Marketing by Herman Pool‘ this week and got to his chapter about goal setting. As people are well aware, goal setting is a practice that 99% of the industry does not take part in, but the 1% that do, usually makes the majority of the income within the business.

So yeah, it’s an important habit to start….Setting goals.

The problem with goal setting is that some times we go too big, too quickly.

We tell ourselves that we want to ‘make a million dollars a year‘ and then rarely have a game plan to get to that goal. Then we end up feeling defeated and never push ourselves forward. Finally we give up and start looking for other opportunities.

That’s where ‘tick journaling‘ comes in;

tick journaling

I’ve been using this practice for years and this is how I do it…

Step 1 – I write down 3 achievable goals that I can do over the span of 24 hours.

Step 2 – Every time I complete a task, I ‘tick’ or check it off as done…

The important part is that these small tasks are things I know I can do. I don’t tell myself I’m going to end famine across the planet or make a million dollars in 24 hours…I write down things like…


These are 3 things I CAN accomplish today and if I get into the habit of doing these kind of tasks every day for the entire year, I’m way closer to my big goals.

You see, that’s the trick…

You check off each task you complete and keep them in a journal. Every week you look back and see your accomplishments and this will fire you up! Imagine…

3 daily goals, completed. Over the span of a month. That’s 90 steps closer to your dreams than you were a month ago.

That’s the power of ‘tick journaling’ , it continues to power you because you can see everything you have accomplished.

After a few months, you start to push yourself even further and your future begins to take shape…

But it starts with 3 small, achievable goals…Completed. Every day!

6 thoughts to “So They Call It Tick Journaling [VIDEO]”

  1. Hi Jon this sounds like a really great think to do. And I should have already been doing it, because you have talked about it for years. Well I better get myself a journal. And I know you have mentioned getting a whiteboard, too. Thanks for the refresher. And I l ike that name “Tick Journaling.” It’s amazing how many new names come up for things we already know about. I wonder when the official name was invented. 🙂

    I hope Mookie is doing well.

  2. Tick journaling…wow, love the name. So tick journaling is down in the daily tasks area where you aren’t trying to change the world but get one step closer to a goal you might have set for yourself. It’s what you do daily, that allows you to end world famine. Your dream stays big, but your daily tasks you focus on and tick off when complete, move you there. That way you don’t get overwhelmed by the big humongous dream, yet day to day, small achievable task by achievable task you chip away at achieving the big dream. While I do a review of my day, I’ve never thought to put the daily tasks in the journal so I can see my progress.

    What I would add to that is schedule each of those tasks. That just adds another level of motivation.

    Great stuff Jon.

    1. Yeah man, exactly…

      So I do this…

      I write down my 3 goals for the year on Jan. 1st.

      I don’t really do monthly and quarterly goals but I should lol

      But the 3 goals I do daily, help me progress towards my big yearly goals. And every year I started doing this, I’ve achieved them. Every year 🙂

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