Can $2.73 A Day Turn Into $100,000?

I’ve been writing blogs for over a decade…And one of my most popular stock pieces of content is what I call the $2.73 A Day Formula

I’ve discussed it before on STEEM but thought a refresher might be in order 🙂

So here’s some background on it…

Coming from an online marketing background, we hear the horror stories constantly. A new marketer comes online and hears about making a million bucks in 30 days. There are promises of riches that take little to no effort. And they will start making all this money…Overnight.

It doesn’t take long for them to realize, this isn’t the case. Far from it…

It takes years to develop an business online and sure there are stories of someone striking gold…The majority of people need time to develop their craft and niche.

Sounds familiar huh? Especially with something like STEEM…We see the trending pages and say to ourselves…I can make HUNDREDS from one blog post? Sign me up!

However that’s not the case here either…

But all is not lost!

Enter the $2.73 a day formula!

Quick question…

If you made $2.73 a day from STEEM, how much would you be making a year…

The answer is roughly $1000 a year. (Technically $996.45)

Not bad huh? From a show of hands…Who would like to earn an extra $1000 a year from…Blogging and playing blockchain games? LOL I mean it’s a no brainer…But check this out.

What happens if you keep stocking up on that Steem Power? Using dollar cost averaging to grow your position on STEEM and keep producing content daily?

And that $2.73 turns into….$27.39 a day for a year…

Oh boy! Now we’re earning almost $10,000 a YEAR from our time here on STEEM…An achievable goal, that we can reach by following something like the Savvy Cycle from SteemSavvy!

1. Add Value Daily
2. Share STEEM Everywhere
3. Power Up Every Chance We Can

So you see…The problem is people want the big bucks overnight! But when we break this down into achievable goals that we can reach…It’s something we CAN achieve with hard work and strategic relationships.

Wanna make $100,000 a year? Shoot for $273.97 a day…A million? $2739.70 a day…Obviously this is something that does not happen overnight…So we need to stop thinking about these massive numbers and start at…

$2.73 a Day!

We focus on the daily activities that really start to add up overtime…

How can we build up our STEEM revenue to reach that?

If we’re at $1 a day on STEEM, how do we grow to $2.73?

Are we creating content daily?

Engaging with people to grow our followers?

When’s the last time you looked at the 5-500-5000 plan?

Let’s start with ACHIEVABLE goals today…And learn how we can reach $2.73 everyday with our STEEM account!

Good things will take shape once we start focusing on small, achievable DAILY goals!


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