Cats & Kids

Social media is a trip….

We use it for staying in touch with friends and family. We use it for business. Heck we also use it to kill massive amounts of time throughout the day…

Whatever we use social media for…One thing remains a constant…

Nothing with get more likes than…

A picture of your cat or a picture of your kids!

Don’t believe me….Try it!

Here’s an example…

That’s my kid. He’s a cutie. And I’m very biased…But check out how many likes this picture got.

Almost 100!

It’s warm and fuzzy and makes people feel good all over…

“Cute kid, I know that Jon G. Olson guy, I’ll give his picture a like…”

Here’s what is fascinating to me about social media…

Same social media platform. Same friends. A few days apart, and roughly around the same time of the day….3 likes!

Obviously, my child is a lot cuter than I am, so he SHOULD get more likes…But here’s the kicker. This last post was a live stream, that generates (generally) much more engagement than a simple post but…3 likes versus almost 100.

Guess why?

It’s a business related piece of content!

I’m not sure why it is, but people seem to stay as FAR away from your business content on social media, and tend to stick to the warm and fuzzy pictures of your kids or cats.

Why is that?

I’m honestly asking the question because the video did get 163 views, so people did watch it…But only 3 likes?

Maybe if I wore a bikini it would attract more attention?

Do people tend to stay away from business related posts on social media because they think…You’ll pitch them some MLM?

Do they support your offline life, much more than what you are trying to build online?

Or is it simply…Your content is ‘meh‘ and your kid is cute!

I’m at a loss….

Here’s a graphic that has been floating around with my ‘circle of friends’ on Facebook this past week…

(Created by this awesome sauce illustrator – We should invite her to Steem)

This is what I would encourage you all to do, especially here on Steem where we are rewarded for ‘likes‘…

Support your friends on social media by doing some of these things mentioned above.

Hey I’m o.k. throwing up the pics of my kids because I know my family wants to see how the little dudes are doing…But those same people I would encourage to support their friends with anything they are trying to build online.

Building businesses online is tough. Really tough. And as entrepreneurs we feel like giving up almost daily because it’s a whole lot of showing up without being rewarded. So for us….A ‘like’ or upvote is your way of showing us, you recognize our hustle and are encouraging us to keep pushing!

You never know what that next like, share or upvote may do for someone…

It could mean the difference between giving up or keep going!

We are in such a unique and powerful position to help those around us with an upvote, like, comment or resteem! So let’s use them, and support our friends and networks…

Or who knows…I might actually have to start wearing a bikini during my live streams…And trust me, you don’t want that to happen!



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