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Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life by Brian Tracy [Book Review]

I’m a huge fan of…Brian Tracy!

Like, if there was an author I would love to sit down with and talk about business and live, it would be a toss up between John C. Maxwell and Brian Tracy.

I had purchased Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life over a year ago and it was on my ‘to be read’ pile since then. I finally dove in about a week and a half ago and wow, what an experience.

The core of the book centers around REAL law of attraction. Not that pseudo-science mumbo jumbo that has become the norm in today’s day and age, but actually filling your mind with good things and letting your actions follow up.

The first part of the book talked about the laws of substitution and habits. The framed the rest of the book and let us understand the points that Brian makes when he talks about the law of attraction.

Garbage in = Garbage out!

So if we see what we are putting into our minds is so important for everything in life, this makes the rest of the book make so much sense.

From chapters about putting people first to others about committing to excellence, this book sets you up to TAKE ACTION which was a huge take away for me.

I really enjoyed Brian’s knack for creating points in bite sized chunks. He doesn’t need 40 pages to make his points, each chapter was filled with action taking advice that you understood and could put into action right away.

This is a staple of Brian’s work. The way he writes, the message is clear and the steps are very actionable.

I love Brian’s books. From No Excuses to Goals! Eat That Frog to Change Your Thinking, this has been and will be one of my favorite authors of all time.

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