The Circle of Profit

The Circle of Profit by Anik Singal [Book Review]

I found The Circle of Profit via a Facebook ad a few months ago and decided to pick it up for a few reasons…(So yay for Facebook ads, they work!!!)

The first, I’m a huge fan of internet marketing history and Anik is one of it’s history writers for sure. A very successful marketer and someone who has been in the industry for many years.

And second, it’s always a good refresher to get back to the basics when it comes to my profession. Sometimes we all get a little cocky and think we know it all, books like this are a fantastic resource for marketers of all experience levels!

The first few chapters of this book are a fun introduction to Anik and his story. I enjoyed learning about his successes and trials that many online marketers experience.

Then came the ‘basic’ marketing information…Build your list first! I mean, trust me, this is not bad advice by any stretch, it’s the best advice one can get when starting out. Maybe it was just so obvious that I forgot how important that lesson is!

Anyways, moving on from the first part of the book, The Circle of Profit really started to drop some gems of knowledge in the later chapters. I got some fantastic ideas from reading this book and I plan on implementing them immediately in my own businesses.

I had quite a few ‘aha moments‘ when Anik went over his sales funnels, thank you page models and what made them so effective:

The Circle of Profit

This was my huge take away from reading the book. Yes, getting our own products to sell and market should be the end goal, but the huge lesson in the Circle of Profit is the importance of building your mailing list!

That alone, that simple message, is worth the price of this book. It shows you the different steps needed to develop a thriving business but it all starts with the list you build and the relationship you develop with your subscribers.

That message, can’t be stressed enough!

The Circle of Profit may start off like a history lesson, but this is a jam packed adventure in internet marketing and must read for anyone looking to build a business online!

6 thoughts to “The Circle of Profit by Anik Singal [Book Review]”

  1. Great review Jon! I’m on Anik’s list and I’ve seen part of the Circle of Profit as part of it but I can’t locate it on my computer. I’m sure I read part of it before doing a webinar he had as an upsell to his program. He’s definitely a successful marketer who can share lots and he’s doing weekly webinar trainings called Success Weekly. I keep telling myself I’d love to get into that sort of affiliate marketing, but just can’t figure out how to mould it into my love of TE’s.

    1. Gotta remember, a TE is just a membership site. you are selling a ‘freemium’ model, so any internet marketing that you learn can be directly related to what you do with the TE’s.

      Upsells, downsells, funnels…All of it is VERY relevant 🙂

    1. It’s pretty awesome. For funnels and a break down of them, DotCom Secrets by Russell Brunson is the king, but this was more focused on list building and how to take your list, and then create your own product. That’s what I loved about it, list focused!

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